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Senate President won't convene a select committee on Stand Your Ground

Senate President Don Gaetz won't be following Senate Minority Leader Chris Smith's recommendation to convene a select committee on the Stand Your Ground law.

"I will not accede to your request because the charge of the select committee you seek to create would duplicate the work of the Governor’s Task Force," Gaetz wrote in a letter to Smith late Tuesday, referencing the Task Force on Citizens Safety and Prottection assembled by Gov. Rick Scott last year.

Gaetz also noted that under Senate rules, a select committee could not vote on bills.

"While I understand your frustration with the outcome of legislation you sponsored last year, a select committee does not provide you with either an appropriate or practical remedy," he wrote.

Smith called for a select committee to be created following George Zimmerman's recent acquittal in the shooting death of Travyon Martin, an unarmed black teenager from Miami. 


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Thank you Sen. Gaetz.


Last line should be "unarmed". The fourth estate is a joke now.


The NRA's puppet "speaks".


"The NRA's puppet "speaks"."

WTF? You apparently have no idea what the SYG law even means, much less when it may be applied. Perhaps you should read up on it rather than sounding like a fool.


I heard Sen. Smith was comparing the situation to Florida's after the Casey Anthony court case and the select committee created then. Trouble is Anthony's little child wasn't bashing anyone's head into concrete when the child was killed.

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