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Weatherford creates new House committee on health care

Committee assignments are out for the Florida House.

"With very few changes from last year, the Florida House will be ready to tackle our state’s biggest policy challenges, including most importantly helping to improve Florida’s job creation and economy," House Speaker Will Weatherford wrote in a statement Wednesday.

There is one notable change: the creation of a House Select Committee on Health Care Workforce Innovation.

The new committee, which Weatherford said will focus on "addressing the looming shortage of medical providers," will be chaired by Rep. Jose Oliva, R-Miami Lakes.

"Rep. Oliva’s background as a business owner makes him the perfect choice to lead this committee," Weatherford said. "He understands the fundamental principle of supply and demand and how it impacts cost and quality for consumers."

Oliva has been tapped to become speaker in 2018. 

Weatherford also gave committee assignments to newly elected Rep. Mike Hill, R-Pensacola. Hill will sit on the Regulatory Affairs Committee and four subcomittees: Health Care Appropriations, Health Innovation, Civil Justice and Energy and Utilities.

Read the full list of assignments below.

Download 2013-2014 Committee Assignments



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Can't take anymore

Our pal, TeaWilly Weatherford, will use this new committee to continue his endless fight against any and all ObamaCare programs. He has doubtlessly received his playbook and marching orders from GOP party chair Preibus and the Koch Brothers. It's getting clearer that TWW is going to follow in the political footsteps of Marco Rubio, meaning he will be a ruthless self-promoter who will say or do anything to advance his political career.

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