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What happens to a protest deferred? Dream Defenders call it quits. For now


The monthlong student protest in the Florida Capitol will come to an end today, the Miami group known as the Dream Defenders announced.

The occupation began on July 16, three days after George Zimmerman was acquitted in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The Dream Defenders pledged to stay until Gov. Rick Scott called a special session on "stand your ground," the controversial self-defense law that factored into the Zimmerman case.

Scott met with the protesters on July 18 but refused to call a special session.
The Dream Defenders tried to convince state lawmakers to call a session themselves but could not must enough support.

Dream Directors Executive Director Phillip Agnew claimed at least one victory: House Speaker Will Weatherford, R-Wesley Chapel, has promised a hearing on the stand your ground law this fall.

The group had also wanted to bring attention to racial profiling and the school-to-prison pipeline.


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Wouldn't the "school-to-prison" pipeline be significantly interrupted if the schools re-instituted paddling the misbehaving students?

Ed Jenkins

The vagrants can now find someplace else to sleep instead of our public buildings.


These brave Defenders deserve nothing but our thanks. It takes guts to take a position and work toward what you truly believe in.

Biggie Smalls

What a colossal waste of time. Lets recap - a group of minority protesters funded by some union?? with no apparent jobs - protests the Trayvon Martin verdict. It morphs into a Stand Your Ground protest, despite the fact that SYG was never raised as a defense by the defense counsel - laughable. Their protest gets zero traction and Stand Your Ground remains 20 points more popular than Obamacare in Florida. The nuisance "protest" then adds some other "school to prison" issue, with someone waxing poetic nonsense nonsense about how black people are persecuted and put in jail by "the system". Again, no traction because the public wants criminals put in jail for crimes.

All the meantime, left winged "stars" show up and barely get a blip.

A debate challenge is issued by a legislator because he knows he will will crush him on the facts. The debate never happens.

Finally, a poll is taken on SYG, and many Democrats dont even respond to the poll because they know voters will toss them out of ofice if they vote to repeal this. The vote is lopsided of course.

Then they declare "victory" after they claimed they werent leaving until SYG is repealed, and now walk home without even convincing all the democrats that a Special Session should be called. This tempest in a teapot has been a comical excercise.


@BiggieSmalls - EXACTLY!



You friends with Tupac?


The age of the gunfighter is reborn. Call out your enemy on front street at high noon and the one left standing is innocent.

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