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September 01, 2013

Miami-Dade mayor: Police union foe missed calling as actor, could play Tony Soprano


Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez took an opportunity Sunday to poke at his political foe, Police Benevolent Association President John Rivera.

WPLG-ABC 10 political reporter Michael Putney asked Gimenez on This Week in South Florida about Rivera, who in an interview last week blamed the mayor for standing in the way of compromise with labor unions on unpopular benefit and pay concessions.

"No one in county government is allowed to m ake a decision with us other than him," Rivera said. "There's no compromising with this administration."

Gimenez -- perhaps still smarting about Rivera's appearance at a town-hall style meeting on the budget in which he boasted incorrectly that the union had unearthed $52 million in the county budget -- responded that Rivera had "missed his calling" as an actor.

"The problem with Mr. Rivera is his tactics," Gimenez said. "He goes out, makes these outrageous accusations all over the place.

"Actually, he missed his calling. He needs to go to Broadway. He needs to go on the screen. He's a great actor," the mayor continued. "Probably he could play Tony Soprano, you know. He could do that."

Gimenez compared Rivera to "the boy who cries wolf, except in this case, there's never been a wolf."

"I don't get along with people like that. I'm a very reasonable person. If you try to basically bully me, you're basically going around it the wrong way," the mayor said. "I'm not going to succumb."

Mayor's arrest upends Homestead political system

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The last city manager had left just as a public corruption investigation was starting. The one before that was fired after a private investigator uncovered visits to a dominatrix website on the manager’s city computer.

So in 2010, with Homestead’s city manager’s office empty yet again, City Council members opted for a national search to find a replacement. It was the first time in recent history that the insular city decided to look outside for help.

They found George Gretsas, a veteran administrator who had most recently run the city of Fort Lauderdale.

He came. He saw. He was shocked.

Homestead Mayor Steve Bateman, records and interviews with city officials indicate, was all but running a parallel branch of government — badgering department heads, midwifing cut-rate land deals with campaign donors and business partners, interfering with hiring and firing. This, in a city where a professional manager is supposed to call the shots.

More here.

Jackson Health System fundraising for bond referendum


The campaign to persuade Miami-Dade voters to approve $830 million in upgrades to Jackson Health System financed by a property-tax rate hike has raised more than $1 million since July, according to Carlos Migoya, Jackson’s chief executive.

Migoya gave at least three public addresses last week regarding the campaign, during which he revealed the fundraising to date and a bit of strategy.

Jackson registered its fundraising committee, Citizens For A Healthy Miami-Dade, in May.

Regarding the source of the money raised so far, Migoya said, “It’s coming from philanthropic leaders in this community who are writing big checks.”

Migoya also vowed that “not one dollar from Jackson or the Jackson Foundation” would be used for the campaign.

“We’re not even encouraging contractors at Jackson” to contribute, he added.


This post has been updated to reflect the correct amount -- more than $1 million, not about $1.5 million.