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After Broward, Miami-Dade gets ready to defy Rick Scot's anti-Obamacare order

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Miami-Dade, Florida’s largest county and the one with the largest number of uninsured, is making plans to join Broward and defy Gov. Rick Scott’s decision banning Obamacare coordinators from operating at local health departments.

Miami-Dade’s mayor and commissioners began weighing the decision Tuesday as Broward County voted overwhelmingly to allow the so-called “navigators” at health departments to spread the word about, and sign people up for, new Affordable Healthcare Act plans that could come online Oct. 1.

“We welcome the federal government doing that,” Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez said. “From my understanding, it’s just helping people navigate the new laws. I don’t see any problems with that.”

Gimenez, a Republican like Scott, and Broward’s Democratic mayor, Kristin Jacobs, said they don’t share the governor’s concerns that the navigators would compromise people’s personal information.

“My concern is really about privacy. Taking personal information and sharing it,” Scott said last week. “They ought to tell us what they are going to do.”

Unlike Broward, Miami-Dade’s 13-member commission is majority Republican, though the board and mayor serve in nonpartisan posts. Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in Miami-Dade.

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/09/24/3648527/miami-dade-weighs-gov-rick-scotts.html#storylink=cpy


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Ed Jenkins

As we have seen repeatedly, the voters of this state oppose this harmful law by large margins so a mayor taking steps to invite these propagandists will be going against the will of his people. These propagandists as has been demonstrated already in other states show no regard for private information as lists social security numbers have been emailed around in a Midwestern state by them.

The people of Florida want to be able to make their own medical decisions and pay their own bills rather than having their neighbors mooch off them. For those that can't pay their bills we have shown to be a generous state and those that are in need can turn to charity which is the appropriate place for them to turn rather than a heartless government bureaucrat.

Liberal Bias

Allowing them on the same property is not defying the DOH order... but the headline plays into election-year politics.

Yes, the buildings are owned by the counties, and yes, they can allow the navigators on the property... but DOH has the right to ask that they not interfer with their day-to-day responsibilities in the space they are paying to rent.


Get over yourself Ed and your right wing conspiracy theories they no longer work.

john wordsman

Obama Care only effects a small part of the population. I'm sure Ed is part of the 80%, like myself who only benefit from the ACA. The right wing complaints are easy to see through.They count me and people like me as being in opposition when my problem with the law is that it does not offer a single payer plan! L&Pjjjj


Ed Jenkins' commentary is absurd and full of the product of fear and paranoia that the Republican Party, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz among other feasrmongers, have so earnestly peddled. What you call propagandists are merely people explaining the new law. There's nothing harmful about the ACA law, and where do you get your statistics when you say the majority of Miami Dade opposes it? Regardless of whether they oppose it or not, AC is now a federal law. I suggest you go to snopes.com and research all the misleading information you've been fed so you can calm down a little. You act as if we're being invaded by a foreign enemy, not being visited by those who are there to explain a new law.

John Lentini

The typical republican strategy is to cause damage to government, and then complain that government is damaged. The real reason republicans fear Obamacare is that they are afraid it will work. They want to go back to having insurance companies be in charge of your health care.


Mr Lentini, you say that the Republicans want to go back to having the insurance companies be in charge of our healthcare? Who do you think is gonna be in charge of our healthcare under ACA-- not us-- it will still be the insurance companies and the government on top of that. Ok so the law mandates access and maybe affordability but what do you get for it? i hear that these are affordable AFTER a tax credit but what is the real monthly cost? the money we spend every month? Plus everybodys tax structure is different so some will benefit from the tax credit and many wont, so its not fair to give a subsidy based on tax credits.


I am thrilled to see counties defying Rick Scott. First and foremost, the governor is a criminal. He and HCA committed fraud. Secondly, there are those of us who the insurance companies will not cover due to pre-existing conditions through no fault of our own. The governor simply wants to foster his "Tea Party" agenda and unfortunately for him, many of us see right through him. His issue with the ACA is that neither him nor his wife can profit off it. The Republicans who do not wish to participate in the program can certainly opt not to do so. I need the insurance and will gladly pay the premiums. The only thing I would rather see is a single-payer system and the insurance companies dissolved and out of business in Florida. If one wants to talk about blood suckers, the insurance companies are a prime example of that. Frankly any Tea Party morons or other Republican types can say what they want. I like the ACA and am so thankful President Obama was able to get it passed through Congress so those of us who have to decimate our life savings to pay our medical bills or simply not pay them will no longer be faced with this dilemma.

Ed Jenkins

It seems some of the moochers who want their neighbors to pay their bills have shown up. If you are not elderly and unable to work or terminally ill, you need to pay your own bills, not force your neighbors to do so. Some may need to stop buying so many gadgets and take care of their needs, some probably shouldn't be driving the latest car and others should not be buying houses that cost too much. For those that really need help, charities are available and they will be much more compassionate than the heartless government bureaucrat.

Insurance for medical bills as currently offered needs to be done away with since it covers items that everyone knows will happen so it is merely a prepayment of the bill. It would be like including oil changes and ordinary car servicing in auto insurance bills. Insurance if offered at all only needs to be for catastrophic events or terminal illnesses.


To address you comment Mr.Jenkins, we are not moochers who want our neighbors to pay our bills. I happen to qualify for total disability due to my heart condition but guess what? I choose to continue to keep working. My issue is the rapacious insurance companies refuse to sell me health insurance based on the fact I have had for heart attacks and three strokes as well as countless mini-strokes. Yet, sir, day after day, I am out there earning my daily bread and money to pay my bills. However, with the cost of health care today and given the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, it is impossible to pay for all the services I need on the money I earn. The last heart attack cost me over $170,000.00. Did you wish to volunteer to replenish my funds I paid fort that bill? So frankly sir, before you stereotype those of us who have no insurance and no way to get it into a category you deem "moochers," perhaps you should give it more careful consideration. At one point I had quite a significant retirement saved, but some of that was lost in the Republican debacle of the economic melt down of the investment system and through the greed of Wall Street and the banks. Some of it had to be spent in order to live following heart procedures when I could not work. I do not live beyond my means. I live in a home that I now rent because I had to sell homes, property, etc. to be able to meet my medical needs. The home in which I live is 480 square feet. I drive a 1996 Ford station wagon for which I paid $1000.00 after having to sell my three trucks, give away my horses and change my standard of living drastically. I do so humbly appreciate your ill informed judgment of people like me. It only demonstrates what the President and other tell us; the Republican party cares for no one but themselves and wants no one to have the privileges they have. Have a good night. I need to be at work tomorrow so I need to get my rest. What are you doing? Going fishing?


Why is it all right for them to defy the governor, but it is not all right for us to drfy Obama?

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