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Broward to defy governor's call to ban navigators from health offices

Heavily Democratic Broward County is expected to join Pinellas County in resisting Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s decision to bar Obamacare enrollment advisors from state health department facilities.

Broward Mayor Kristin Jacobs will offer a resolution at Tuesday’s county commission meeting that would allow Affordable Care Act “navigators” and counselors at Florida Department of Health facilities in Broward County. The commission, which is dominated by Democrats, is expected to approve the proposal.

Jacobs has scheduled a news conference after the vote where Obamacare outreach efforts will be publicized.

In her resolution, Jacobs adopted Pinellas County’s argument that the state cannot prevent Obamacare advisors from health department buildings because the county owns most of those facilities.

Of the eight Florida health offices in Broward, the county owns seven of the buildings and leases them to the state Health Department. More here. 



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Debra Van Dorp

One more reason to be glad I don't live in Florida, how dare they try to bar ACA advisors.


The Republicans are protecting the freedom of all Floridians to die due to denied access to medical insurance. It's all about liberty and patriotism. I promise.


Kudos to Broward County. Someone should sue the governor for malreasance -- isn't it the Governor's responsibility to faithfully execute the law?

Regular Guy

Time to get rid of Rick Scott. What kind of idiot actively tried to repeal more affordable health care?


"MORE AFORDABLE HEALTH CARE"??? WHat kind of IDIOT actually believes that. Those who don't do any work now will get free healthcare. To them it is great. The rest of us who DO WORK and do have to pay for it will pay the increased cost of providing health care for more people for free.


Those who don't do any work already got free health care. I guarantee you that $0 income was eligible for Medicaid before the affordable care act.


Ellen, stop using reason and facts... it hurts their little heads.

Building access yes, actual facility access where DOH activities take place, no... Let Broward be blamed.

k scharf

Ellen, I hope you lose your job and health insurance, and then come down with a serious pre existing condition. Maybe then you will understand the need for this law.

Ed Jenkins

It is good that our state has banned these propagandists from spreading their false information in our state. In addition to the fact that Floridians by large margins oppose this awful law, our state politicians have been wise enough to predict the privacy invasions and disclosure of confidential financial information that these people have already done in other states. The local officials who interfere need to be removed from their positions.

The citizens would prefer to be able to make their own medical decisions and that people pay their own bills rather than mooching off their neighbors. For those that can't pay their bills, that is what charity is meant for and our generous citizens gladly contribute money for those that need it.


Stand Up Florida....Fight Back....!


I bet John Armstrong is having a meltdown over this. He is a control freak

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