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BuzzFeed: Allen West out at PJ Media amid "Jewish American princess" controversy

Former Broward U.S. Rep. Allen West, who lost last year's congressional race to Patrick Murphy in part due to his loose-cannon style, is leaving the conservative Pajamas Media site after allegedly calling a female staffer a “Jewish American princess,” BuzzFeed reported.

From BuzzFeed:

“In order to focus on political interests, Allen West will transition from his full-time role as director of programming for Next Generation.TV to a twice-a-month contributor of written commentary on PJMedia.com, effective October 1, 2013,” PJ Media financier Aubrey Chernick wrote to staff in an email from September 16. “I wanted our staff and consultants to have this information first. However, PJ Media is not announcing this publicly for several weeks, so please do not share this news with anyone outside of the company until you see our public announcement.”

In a message to staff, West wrote: “Shortly, I will be giving up my position as director of programming at Next Generation.TV to get back on the front lines to expand the message of constitutional conservatism across our country.”


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That word is used all the time by my fellow Jews, and non Jewish folks to describe annoying women. Its really not that big a deal. JAPs, as we call them. It refers to a girl with a sense of entitlement whose parents spoil her.

I've never considered this a racist statement.

harry Houdini

In your mind it isn't because when you utter the phrase its to make fun of someone. Its a "family" joke. Same thing when a black person uses the N word. Its "inside stuff." The problem with West using the remark is that it is meant in a derogatory manner. Thats the difference. As long as folks like you "don't get it" then folks like West will continue to use it.

And as I always say, "give me a F'in break will ya."


I'm an orthodox Jew. That said, there's nothing prejudiced about that term. There's nothing really even derogatory about it either. The only problem was that he spelled out the entire phrase. You're supposed to just use the acronym JAP. Had he done that, this wouldn't have been an issue.

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