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Commissioners: Miami-Dade needs to get better at lobbying Tallahassee, D.C. lawmakers


How do Miami-Dade commissioners propose to get better at lobbying the federal and state governments? 

By asking for less.

The commission agreed Tuesday to limit priorities for its Washington D.C. and Tallahassee lobbyists to 10 per legislative session. More than that, commissioners said, and Miami-Dade's wish list gets lost in the shuffle.

"They're telling us they can be more effective if we can do that," said Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa, citing conversations with lawmakers.

But the decision is also an effort to give the commission more power. By limiting the county's priorities, county departments controlled by Mayor Carlos Gimenez will no longer have their wants and needs widely distributed to legislators.

Commissioners said rogue department heads in the past have lobbied for legislation in direct conflict with the board's direction.

"They'd take a position for the county and then a department would come up and contradict it," said Commissioner Sally Heyman, a former state representative.

Still, a lingering problem remains: On occasion, commissioners are also at odds over legislation. "Sometimes, some of us have agendas that might not line up," Commissioner Dennis Moss said.

Sosa said county lobbyists should only fight for positions the majority of the commission approves.

"The reality is that this county is not getting back a fair share of what we give the state," she said.


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Conflicts between staff and the Board? How about conflicts between the Board and its lobbyists? Typical Miami Dade.

Spend high priced dollars on high priced lobbyists with conflicts of interest galore.


I had to read this multiple times to determine the genesis of the comment made by "waxonwaxoff"; alas, it does not flow from Mazzei's summary of what occurred on Tuesday relative to our lobbying efforts in D.C. and Tallahassee. At no point did anyone on the commission blame the outside lobbyists, which makes sense given the fact that the Tallahassee contingent is the best in the business. As long as some continue to attack the lobbyists for anything and everything that does or does not happen, nothing will change for the better. And, no, I am NOT a lobbyist nor do I work for one.


How about firing the lobbyists that they have? They are ineffective and many of them have conflicts.

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