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Crazy or loyal? Lobbyist holds fundraiser for Nan Rich campaign


FriedmanBernie Friedman, whose income as a Becker & Poliakoff lobbyist hinges in no small part on a Republican-led Legislature, is hosting a fundraiser for his friend and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Rich.

The folks in Tallahassee have noticed. And Rich, who has campaigned tirelessly but has little money to show for it, sure could use the financial help to unseat incumbent GOP Gov. Rich Scott and his mega-millions campaign.

Indeed, there's a theory that Friedman et al are actually helping Scott, too, by propping up Rich in an effort to combat former Republican-turned-Democrat Gov. Charlie Crist, who is likely to run.

"I have had the honor and privilege of calling Senator Nan Rich my friend and mentor for more than twenty years," Friedman wrote. "Nan is a tireless advocate for those in need. With her passion, integrity and leadership, she will be a great Governor for the State of Florida.  I hope you will join us at this event."

The host committee for the fundraiser, at the home of trial lawyer Howard Talenfeld Sept. 26 (click image to enlarge): Alex & Maria Abate, Elaine Appel, Cindy Arenberg Seltzer, Howard Bakalar, Emilio Benitez, Nancy & Louis Berlin, Elliot Borkson, Comm. Claudette Bruck, Sen. Walter “Skip” Campbell, Alan Cohn, Maureen S. Dinnen, Bishop Thomas Douglas, Richard & Mindy Drath, Rep. Katie Edwards, Joel & Susan Fass, Clerk of Courts Howard Forman, Sarah Franco, Bernie & Marta Friedman, Randall & Heather Gilbert, Dr. Ira & Marietta Glazer, Amy Goldin & Brian Strelitz, Ruth and Sylvan Goldin, Evan Goldman, Comm. Angel Gomez, Comm. Sue Gunzburger, Dennis Haas, Rabbi Sheldon J. Harr, Marc Harris, Hal & Lois Herman, Joan & Henry Karp, Mark Ketcham, Comm. Martin Kiar, Babette Kosar, Arlene Lakin, Hon. Laurie Rich Levinson, Alan & Marsha Levy, Bruce & Jane Levy, Rebecca Miele, Audrey Millsaps, Alan Mishael, Dr. Arthur Palamara, Mayor Judy Paul, George Platt, Lourdes Pons, Dr. Allan Ribbler, Brett Robins, Derrick S. Roberts, Harry & Jackie Rosen, Hon. Franklin & Leslie Sands, Hon. Mike Satz, Mindy Shrago, David Schulman, Rep. Richard & Debra Stark, Mitch Talenfeld, Jeffrey Wank, Diane Weinbrum, Karen Zemel.

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Lenny Curry and his cronies would love to see Nan Rich get some $$$. Lobbyists do as they are told.


Whats a goy gotta do to get on that list?

Richard Paul Dembinsky

Whoever becomes Governor better know how to serve all the people NOT just your local friends; as a democrat from an area of Florida home to many New York connected people, this day is very important to them and to the millions of Americans that believed the tragic events of 11/9/2001 need future review and reflection.

1. Did Honorable GW Bush come to Florida because He really Knew something was going to happen?

Read my book when you retire: Uncensored Social Currency by A.O.K. to get wider view.

While I have NO reason to believe Nan Rich would make a bad Governor, I have more concerns that I can type here; why did she and those in Tallahassee waste the tax monies that were in Surplus in 2006.

Representing Republicans, Independents is something Nan Rich will have a difficult time doing; maybe we will just stick with Honorable Rick Scott, hoping he becomes a common caring person enough to fix at least the Division of Elections and the unfair Florida election laws created to keep parties in power.

The Florida Constitution: "guarantee equal civil and political rights to All"

Please Governor Rick Scott advance Jeff Atwater to be the Lt. Governor (by combining the duties of CFO to be the responsibility of the Lt. Governor)

Direct the Division of Elections to place Republican candidate for Governor below the names of challengers, the advantages Republicans have in being placed at the top of the ballot is unconstitutional.

Second, advise the Division of Elections that YOU Rick Scott believes their practice to place "incumbent" after names on the opening page of the list of 2014 candidates is also Unconstitutional.

Finally, tell Nan Rich that she should go and ask Allie Tant Richard to apologize for being excessively critical of all Republicans. We need to level the field and make Florida function without Civil and political unrest. Prevent the Division of Elections from making payment to the democrats should they endorse any candidate before a primary. the party assessment fees are also Unconstitutional.

Richard Paul Dembinsky



They don't have much of a lobbying practice anyway so he might as well host an event for Bashar Assad. It wont make a difference, that Firm has been done for a while.


Is Becker & Poliakoff firm crazy? Nah, just bi-polar (or crazy like a fox).


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