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Cyclists rally to pass Aaron Cohen Act

When the driver who fatally struck cyclist Aaron Cohen was sentenced to less than a year in jail, members of the South Florida cycling community were outraged.

“We needed to do something,” said Enda Walsh, who was riding with Cohen at the time of the February 2012 hit-and-run crash.

Their response: a legislative proposal known as the Aaron Cohen Act Life Protection Act. The bill seeks to create tougher penalties for drivers who leave the scene of an accident.

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Um ... so the effect of this increase in the minimum mandatory sentences for leaving an accident scene would be to make the penalties like those for DUIs who do the same damage, right?

Won't this mean that such drivers, many of whom are supposedly and probably already drunk (which is why they flee the scene), will just feel more comfortable driving around drunk. Since it doesn't matter how much time they get, whether they're drunk or not, they'll just go ahead and be drunk.

Can't wait until MADD here's about this. Will they actually support such legislation?

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