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Devious plan or bluff? Rick Scott backers may help Nan Rich vs. Charlie Crist


Little-known and struggling financially, Nan Rich might get some help from the unlikeliest of places during the Democratic primary race for governor: supporters of Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Scott’s top political advisor and pollster Tony Fabrizio hinted at the scheme late Tuesday night in a rare appearance at the Women’s Republican Club of Miami.

Team Scott’s ultimate goal: vex Charlie Crist, a well-known former governor and Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat who might run against Rich to unseat Scott.

“I don’t know if Charlie Crist wins the primary against Nan Rich. And that’s not saying that Nan Rich wouldn’t have help,” Fabrizio said with a smile. “You never know. There could be interested citizens that like to help Nan Rich… Nan Rich is the true Democrat.”

Coincidentally, the legal-lobbying firm of Becker & Poliakoff is fundraising for both Rich and Scott.

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Richard Shiner

Nothing like a giant ego to destroy any chance of success with a campaign strategy that relies on secrecy to be effective. What a complete pompous ass.


Tony makes millions of off Scott and the RPOF. Why wouldn't he want to play more games that will get him more dough (not a pun because he's fat)?

Ed Jenkins

As a former Bob Graham and Chiles voter who sat out the 2010 election because of perceived bad choices please keep this Crist fraud out of the Democrat primary. He lost as a Republican and independent and now this loser comes crawling to the Democrats? How could we even trust that he would not switch parties again if elected and the political winds change?

I don't know much about this Rich lady but at least she seems consistent and reliable but what happened to the great candidates like Graham and Chiles we used to get


@Ed Jenkins: Nice try, Mr. Fabrizio.

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