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Did Marco Rubio use bogus excuses to scuttle judge's nomination over homosexuality?

From Herald columnist Fred Grimm, who questions Senator Marco Rubio's logic

Marco Rubio killed the nomination of William Thomas to the federal judiciary last week. Then he tried to murder the judge’s reputation.

His office raised the specter of the Miami-Dade circuit judge’s “judicial temperament.” Well, you know what that means.

Rubio’s flack, Brooke Sammon, told the Daily Business Review Thursday that the senator has blocked confirmation hearings for Judge Thomas, who is openly gay, because the senator has “questions about his judicial temperament and his willingness to impose appropriate criminal sentences.”

Column here

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/09/23/3646440/fred-grimm-rubio-stomps-on-judges.html#storylink=cpy


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He's probably a white supremacist like the other cuban kicked out of Nikki Haley's campaign. It's a Republican thang.

Ed Jenkins

This judge's admitted participation in homosexual activities is enough reason to block him from a judgeship. The last thing we need is immoral people in positions requiring the highest moral character. Now that it has been publicized that this man does participate in perverted activities, the voters of Miami need to do the right thing and remove him if he is not removed by the appropriate government authority first. We cannot tolerate lawlessness of people in government positions and this man has admitted to breaking our sodomy laws.


Ed Jenkins: You you need to brush up on your law. Lawrence v. Texas made all states sodomy laws unconstitutional. Thus, there is no state that can make sodomy illegal.

And honestly with all the corruption and greed in government you are worried about what a grown adult does behind close doors in his/her own home? You seriously have your priorities mixed up.


Ed Jenkins it's people like you who makes this world so hard to live in.


I see there are a lot of liberal "dumbocrates" commenting here. Democrates are demostrating just how moral decay is achieved.


Again with all the problems facing this country right wingers would rather worry about who's in other peoples beds. Maryann, don't talk about morals when you want to constantly repress peoples rights based on their sexual orientation. When you have to throw around childish slurs like "dumbocrates" you arn't really painting a picture of intelligence.

Ed Jenkins

Maryann calling political parties names like dumbocrats probably isn't necessary since a good amount of them appear to agree with you on this issue as evidenced by the over 60% of Floridians that voiced their disapproval of this and other perverted behaviors on the 2008 amendment.

It does appear that I awoke a few pervs that hang out on this column judging by some replies to my posts. Apparently one guy thinks some obscure court case makes law for our state, I wouldn't hold out hope of that and engage in perverted activities because judges don't last forever and the next ones probably won't rule the same in a case like that.


First of, Floridas Amendment 2 has nothing to do with private intimate conduct under the 14th Amendment.(Lawrence v. Texas) It has to do with the definition of marriage. Doesnt surprise me though that you don't understand the difference.

Secondly. Cases don't make it to the United States Supreme Court cause they are "obscure". Just cause you are ignorant on the law doesn't mean it does not effect your state. Hows that old saying go... Oh yeah! Ignorance is no excuse for the law. You damn better believe supreme court decisions effect your state.

Third your way of thinking is on its way out the door. Everyday the gap of people against same sex marriage shrinks. Florida is always going to be behind on these issues as the states population is significantly older in age. But all in do time freedom and equality for all will prevail. People like you will be seen just as disgusting as the racist pigs who picked interracial mirages in the 50s. Your god is supposedly all about love and not judging others. Yet its followers are the complete opposite. I think you need to check your own morals before you throw stones at others.

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