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Ed Rendell to keynote Florida Democrats' state conference


Ed Rendell, the former Pennsylvania governor with a gritty voice and blue-collar demeanor, is scheduled to headline the Florida Democratic Party's state conference at the end of the month.

Here's Rendell's announcement Democrats are receiving in their email:

I want you -- the grassroots who are fighting every day to defeat Rick Scott -- to be the first to know: I am honored to be the keynote speaker at your 2013 State Conference on October 26, 2013.

It’s an honor to be a part of this Conference, the largest gathering of grassroots Democrats this election season.

As the governor of Pennsylvania for eight years, I was proud to be a Democrat who would work with anyone to move my state forward. We invested in the infrastructure that communities and businesses need to thrive. We invested in public schools and colleges, because education is the surest path to the middle class for millions of Americans.

Unfortunately, Republicans like Rick Scott don’t agree. They think the way to grow our economy is by giving wealthy special interests more tax breaks. They want to give the big corporations ever-larger handouts. Working people suffer, but Rick Scott doesn’t notice a thing.

Let’s do this together. We can defeat Tea Party Republicans like Rick Scott and elect a Democrat who will stand by the middle class, and everyone working to get into the middle class. We need a Florida Governor who will fight for Florida’s middle class.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the State Conference in Orlando. Let’s do this together.


Edward G. Rendell
45th Governor of Pennsylvania


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Ed Jenkins

Why are we having these corrupt yankee national democrats coming down, they are exactly the people who have ruined the democrat party of Florida. Why not a good southern democrat like Bob Graham or a follower of Lawton Chiles, the type that can actually win an election for governor.

South Philly Flash

Ed Rendell was a twice elected Mayor of Philadelphia and Governor of Pennsylvania and there is again talk about running for mayor of Philly again.He is very popular even though he was from New York.


I lived in Philly for 2 years while Ed was mayor. He is a poster boy for the working man, and image counts. Every democrat in Philly loved Ed and my daughter, Floridian born and bred, still thinks of him with affection. Let's shine some new light and energy into the FL Dems. We all have a story to tell. And I love Bob Graham and idolize "Walkin' Lawton" Chiles.

Dan McFadden

I worked for the Phila. Dem. City Committee, and Pa. Dem State Committee, he a great speaker and will rally the troops, don't miss his appearance,you enjoy him.

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