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Expanding gambling along the state line? Senate hearings will get an earful

Imagine Florida with slot machines at several dog tracks, intended to lure Georgians to Jacksonville, Alabamans to Pensacola, high rollers to Palm Beach and race fans to Daytona.

That is one of the ideas gaining steam in Tallahassee as gaming promoters plan ways to expand Florida’s gambling empire in exchange for closing loopholes that have exploded over the past few years.

The Florida Senate Gaming Committee has scheduled a series of hearings next month to travel to Jacksonville, Pensacola, Lakeland and Coconut Creek to hear from the public, as lawmakers embark on an ambitious rewrite of the state’s gambling laws.

“The goal is to reform Florida’s gambling laws in a way that will benefit Florida’s economy and social welfare for years to come,’’ said Sen. Garrett Richter, R-Naples, chairman of the committee.

Legislative leaders have signed a $400,000 contract with Spectrum Gaming Group of New Jersey to assess the economic impact of existing and expanded gambling on communities in Florida. The report, due Oct. 1. will also offer some regulatory options before lawmakers draft the plan. Among the 10 options reviewed by Spectrum, only one would not expand gambling. The others range from allowing two so-called “destination resorts” in South Florida to limited expansion of gambling in certain regions of the state.

The timing of the legislative debate is significant. In 2015, the provisions of the state’s agreement with the Seminole Tribe of Florida expire, requiring the state to renew the compact or establish new rules to allow the tribe to operate blackjack and other table games exclusively, in exchange for providing revenue to the state.

The re-opening of the tribal compact, as well as the perception that acceptance of casino games has increased among most Floridians, has made many legislative observers predict that Florida may pass wholesale gambling reforms in the upcoming session.

“It’s much different this year than it’s ever been before,’’ said Al Lawson, a former veteran Democratic legislator from Tallahassee who supports expanding slot machines to North Florida. “Legislators are more open to give consideration to this than before.” More here.


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Nobody from Savannah is going to drive down to Jacksonville to spend money at some rag-tag, 1980s looking parimutual.

LOL, and the thought of someone driving from Mobile to Jacksonville to spend money at some second rate facility when they can go to Boloxi and gamble at a real facility?

The concept is laughable people. Get real.

harry Houdini

$$$$$$$$$$. The rich and powerful are in control...This plan has been in the works for over a decade, almost two. Some powerful politicians will make millions as gambling expansion moves north and northwest. Because we have lost most of our "investigative reporters" no one is watching out for the public. There is too much money at stake here. Expansion is a done deal. Pop the corks!


Harry, Stop whining about people gambling, you teatoatler. People want to gamble. And they would rather do it in a facility that has high end entertainment and a big convention center, not some bush league slots facility that looks like something built for white trash. And, oh my gosh, they might even drink. The horror!!

Its funny hearing all these "free market" people who supposedly fall at the altar of "markets" and "commerce" and "freedom", all of a sudden dont trust people to live their lives and do with their money that they worked for and earned the way they want.

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