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Hillary Clinton's image control: Security swipes man's phone, erases pic of her at speech


Hillary Clinton quietly slipped into Miami on Thursday to address a travel agents convention in a speech where the former secretary of state said little about troubles abroad or the future ambitions of the likely presidential-race frontrunner.

Clinton slipped a question about what it would take for the United States to elect its first female leader, Clinton was quick with a joke.

“Well, it’ll take a crazy person,” she said, drawing laughs from the crowd at the American Society of Travel Agents’ global convention

Though ostensibly not political, Clinton’s address had the makings of an introductory campaign speech. Campaigns are often highly controlled events, but the ASTA conference at Hyatt Regency Miami kicked it up a notch.

At one point, a member of the audience, Andrew Rothberg, had his Galaxy Note II smartphone taken from him by security, which removed his picture of Clinton onstage and then gave his device back in front of a Miami Herald reporter in the auditorium stands.

“It’s crazy,” Rothberg said.

“That’s American politics,” said a docent, one of a handful of hotel security and volunteers who roamed the aisles looking for people taking pictures or making recordings. None was allowed.

“I wanted to take pictures for my girls; I have four girls,” Rothberg, who was writing a piece about the conference for Boca Raton-based Grey Matters Magazine, told the Miami Herald. “I think Hillary Clinton who is probably running for president in 2016 would want all the publicity she could get and I think it’s kind of ironic they would take the camera away.”

Rothberg said he was more puzzled than upset. He said he guessed at one point that Clinton’s handlers might have wanted to control the event to keep activists from infiltrating the event and raising awareness about issues like the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012. But he wasn’t sure.

Clinton’s speech came a day after congressional Republicans led another hearing into the attacks and faulted her and the administrations preparations am response to the Sept. 11 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, security officers and former Navy SEALs.

Clinton didn't address the topic.

Breaking news story on the address is here


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Appearing before travel agents! What a cunning stunt!


Heil Hillary! This is what's in store for America if the good people of Miami are stupid enough to vote for her.


Speeches? The Butcher of Benghazi should be in Jail...


If she decides to run, we will most definitely have another President Clinton in January 2017.

The only Republican with a snowball's chance of beating her is NJ Gov. Chris Christie and the GOP's right wing base, whose votes he needs in order to win the primaries, despises him.

President Clinton - part deux. Works for me.

Glenn Koons

Ah the Leftist Lady of Non-Accomplishments, a clone of the Obamaite Adm. who left Americans to die: and the Herald and liberals want her to complete the Obama destruction of America's domestic and international cred. Yep, that is why liberalism is another word for insanity.


boycott travel agents. Oh, wait. Haven't used a travel agent since 1996.

miami mom

"At this point, what difference does it make?" should be playing on a loop from now until 2016.


It's a Galaxy II. What else do you expect? They should have put it in the trash.


But..but...according to Obama, we have no more ATMs and Travel Agents because of technology or something. Don't tell me he was wrong!


NON-political - the MSM is continuing to cover up Hillarys lack of ability at anything - what a joke.

Fred Beloit

American Society of Travel Agents

People in the private sector making a living, selling fuel-eating trips and they get a cattle futures trader and part-time socialist who wants to keep fuel prices high as a speaker?

Earth calling to Travel Agents:

Frank Z

You will only believe what The State (tm) says you slave!!!


What a cunning stunt?!?! You mean "what a stunning cun..."?


Who gave the order to STAND DOWN to those attempting to rescue the Americans in Benghazi?
Was it hillary Lying Rotten clinton or was it Fidel osama obama; the Marxist, muslim, dog-eating, lying sack of $h!t in the occupy White House movement?


the photos and phone are private property and copyrighted automatically. you can tell someone to leave, and even have them arrested for trespassing, but you can't destroy private property this way. its illegal.

C MArtin

“That’s American politics,”

No... that's the modern democratic party.

Vasco DeGama

just another example of the "enhanced freedoms" we can expect from our "representatives" in the future.

Denan Strange

What right does Hillary have to take someone's personal property and erase content from it? What is she afraid of?

This is not the kind of behavior we need in a president. Imagine what she'll do if she has the entire nation's police, military and spy agencies at her beck and call...

It's getting truly frightening in this nation - politicians aren't even trying to hide their naked abuse of power anymore.


I wish someone would've brought up the past and asked her why she was fired from the Watergate committee.

It would be fun to watch her squirm. For the record, she was fired “Because she was a liar. She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.” Jerry Zeifman, general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, 1974


You vote in people like Hillary, and you will have more than your phones taken away. Their goal is take away as many freedoms and dismantle the bill of rights. They want total control.


He was more puzzled than upset, and he will vote for her.


If the request for no photos was made in advance, then the guy was wrong to take the picture in the first place. That said, security guards do not have confiscatory police powers. If they wanted to take or alter Rothberg's property they needed to get the real authorities involved. Anyone who is seeking high political office should understand that if they travel around with a private police force meting out justice as they see fit without respect for certain laws, they are going to make the electorate nervous. Right now, if Mrs Clinton wanted to look like a class act, she would arrange for better training for her staff and send Rothberg an autographed picture for his kids.


Was his phone set to upload the picture to the cloud when taken? If so the Clintonistas screwed up yet again.

digital Texan

Is not erasure of data from a private data storage device malicious destruction of personal property? Forcing a device from a person for the purpose of removing a photo would seem to constitute assault.

There is no reasonable expectation of privacy when delivering speech in public. How are these people getting away with thuggery?

Tony Schiavone

The Democratic Socialist party is doing everything that they can to shield that C*** from the glaring atrocities for which she is personally responsible i.e. Benghazi and getting that do nothing socialist negro president elected. She had to concede to the black man at the behest of the party and "STAND DOWN" herself and she is now the parties lap dog.


A little taste of the future for ya.


The only thing this woman has ever accomplished is to run interference for he husband's infidelities. She couldn't run a hot dog stand.

Tony Schiavone

Do the democrats remember a little fifty year experiment called the USSR? How did that work out?


If Hag Hillary wins the 2016 through the negligent delinquence of the Republican Party The Muslim Brotherhood WHis now installed within the Dept of Homeland Security will run up and down her over their Sharia Law which IF I'm not mistaken is all about the oppression of WOMEN & the persecution of GAYS & HOMOSEXUALS. Once they colonize certain cities they will demand they can practice Sharia Law as if it were a real religion. The MB is an Ideology not a religion.
Hag Hillary won't know how to deal with a the cancer We The Peole all know as Radical Islam. KNOW your Enemy. The Enemy is now within us while America goes in and out whatever koolaid induced coma they have been in since elcting the Kenyan Muslim sympathizer


An 8 x 10 glossy signed by Hilary? Send me one, yeah send me one....

Freedom Lost on 911

Evil does not like to be recorded, it might get caught in yet another lie. Poor Stevens, sacrificed for greed from evil creatures that leach off of society.


Yikes! Shades of the old Soviet Union. Grab your bonnet, we are in for a heck of a ride.


During the Watergate investigations, President Nixon was forced to resign or be impeached for the attempted cover-up of breaking into a hotel room to uncover the Democrats election strategy. This was sold as a constitution crisis by the left. Journalist Bob Woodward was hailed as an Icon by the left.

Hillary Clinton was a member of the Watergate Commission and was fired for lying and other illegal activity.

Funny after Vince Foster committed "Suicide" boxes of records were seized from his office. At the time Congress was investigating "White Water" and demanding that Mr. Foster release all the documents related to the Rose law Firms connection. You remember Mr. Foster and Hillary worked at the Rose Law Firm. Those records went missing and Hillary under oath said she had no recollection of what went on. Then 3 years later these records were found in First Lady Hillary's desk at the White House. Quite the accomplished liar.

Eric Holder covered up Fast & Furious, He claims he knew nothing and when he finally learned about it he stopped the program. Hundreds of dead Mexican citizens and a murdered US Border Patrol Agent.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Leon Panetta, and a host of the lefts most shrill talking heads, willfully try to cover up their mendacious storyline blaming the deaths of four Americans, on an obscure video.

They refused ambassador Christopher Stevens numerous requests to increase security in Benghazi, on the anniversary of 911. An Ambassador killed, and three other fine Americans dead who by all accounts refused orders to stand down, and tried to save the ambassadors life. After weeks of waiting for her testimony on this horrible disaster, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton screeched "At this point what does it matter ?" During the entire attack, the president of the United States never picked up the phone.

Now we have over 90 dead hostages in Algeria, 7 Americans and all we hear from President Obama is he seeks "fuller understanding" of what happened in the Algeria siege.

Under SOS Hillary's rein there have been 8 Embassies attacked.

One of our Nuclear Submarines crashed into a fishing boat.
A U.S. Navy minesweeper ran aground on a coral reef in the Philippines.
Must be the New Obama Navy!

President Obama's recess appointments to a federal agency– made without Senate confirmation– have been struck down by a federal appeals court as an unconstitutional use of executive power.

Feb 27, 2013 RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazilian police say a vacationing employee of the U.S. Department of State was found strangled to death in a Rio de Janeiro hotel. Rivaldo Barbosa is head of the Brazilian police department's homicide division. He identifies the victim as 38-year-old Victoria Tcaciuc.

Golf Weekend With Tiger Cost As Much As 341 Federal Workers Furloughed.

President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder seem to believe that they will set a moral example for the world by showing that our civilian justice system is robust enough to try the most notorious terrorists.

State Department employee Anne Smedinghoff was killed in Afghanistan last weekend. At first reports suggested the young diplomat was part of an armed convoy that was bombed, but new reports say that she was actually on foot. And that the group she was with got lost on its way to deliver books. T he Chicago-area woman is the first American diplomat to die on the job since last year’s attack on the U.S. diplomatic installation in Benghazi, Libya.

The disastrous Domestic and Foreign policy of this administration, and the deaths of these Americans, should bring immediate calls for impeachment and several high level resignations.

Tony Schiavone

She couldn't even govern a household. Bill was getting blowed regularly and F***ing like a sailor on leave right under her pushed up nose and she wasn't aware. If you can't keep your house in order then how does she propose keeping the "Black House" in order?


Why is it that "public officials" want what they say and do to be private while insisting they need to know what "private citizens" are doing in all aspects of their lives?


Did anybody ask her about being a lesbian or bisexual??


Yep...2016 continuation of same ole -- same ole.
Done deal. Stuffed ballot boxes, illegals voting,dead voters, pets voting, multiple ballot voters, absentee ballots, foreign submitted votes. (you ever wonder how the democrats would do with just legitimate votes counted?

Rod Morgan

Anyone with a brain knows that The intelligent People will not vote for this "What Difference Does It Make" rag. She is not liked and that is why the muslim beat her out in 2008 - PERIOD!


Cuntosaurus Maximus

Chick A Flick

Hey Hitlery,
Did you rape and murder any children lately.
We didn't forget your secret trips to the Mother of Darkness castle in Belgium and the rituals you participated in.
Stinkin' witch; the smell of evil around you is unbearable


Huma Clinton will make a great successor to the foreign-born dictator in the White House. Who uses a travel agent anymore except to launder money?

Randy Lee Whitehead

' Clinton’s speech came a day after congressional Republicans led another hearing into the attacks and faulted her and the administrations preparations am response to the Sept. 11 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, security officers and former Navy SEALs.

Clinton didn't address the topic. '

No sh*t.

I'm getting up there in years, and the thought just occurred to me: I might die having had to endure as my last two "leaders" Barack Hussein and Hitlery Clinton. That's just awful.

On the bright side, at least I'll be dead.


Remember she ran the bimbo eruption campaign of Bill. This is what you get with leftest Marxist, no respect for individual rights. Look no further then our present occupant of the White House and you want more of that?


Does this woman think she's God?


Who doesn't have their phone photos instantly uploaded to the cloud these days???? Delete that fools.

Me, Myself, and I

Once I attended a Hilary Clinton event with Ron Paul signs. The Hilary security said you can't bring those signs in here. The actual security said go right ahead and laughed. It was mostly a bunch a mindless fluoride heads.

Bloviating Zeppelin

I would like to know, under what body of law, how it is lawful for another person to physically take the personal property of another, convert it to their use and then manipulate its content. In California, that would be consider robbery, particularly in light of ANY force used.

I am a peace officer for the State of California. Had anyone attempted to do that to me, they would have been placed under arrest for robbery. PC 211 states:

211. Robbery is the felonious taking of personal property in the
possession of another, from his person or immediate presence, and
against his will, accomplished by means of force or fear.

I submit there would be an arrest involved had that person been myself.


This woman is unfit for the presidency. She has no accomplishments other than hanging onto her 'husband's' coattails. She's power mad and very frightening. This 'security' issue has been her trademark for decades. She rules by intimidation...just like her Chicago buddy, Obama. The supplicants in the media will try to drag her to the finish line by hook or by crook. Like they did with Obama.

Barry bin Inhalin

Is this 'legal? Was there a signed contract in place where the audience acknowledged yielding a temporary right to personal devices (smartphones) in exchange for sitting in the audience (listening to the Smartest woman In The World_)? Honestly; who the F does Hillary think she is? Really?

Will the ACLU have issue with these 'tactics'?

Me, Myself, and I

Oh I also forgot to mention. Her new name is The Butcher from Benghazi. Just add 2016 after that..

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