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Hillary Clinton's image control: Security swipes man's phone, erases pic of her at speech


Hillary Clinton quietly slipped into Miami on Thursday to address a travel agents convention in a speech where the former secretary of state said little about troubles abroad or the future ambitions of the likely presidential-race frontrunner.

Clinton slipped a question about what it would take for the United States to elect its first female leader, Clinton was quick with a joke.

“Well, it’ll take a crazy person,” she said, drawing laughs from the crowd at the American Society of Travel Agents’ global convention

Though ostensibly not political, Clinton’s address had the makings of an introductory campaign speech. Campaigns are often highly controlled events, but the ASTA conference at Hyatt Regency Miami kicked it up a notch.

At one point, a member of the audience, Andrew Rothberg, had his Galaxy Note II smartphone taken from him by security, which removed his picture of Clinton onstage and then gave his device back in front of a Miami Herald reporter in the auditorium stands.

“It’s crazy,” Rothberg said.

“That’s American politics,” said a docent, one of a handful of hotel security and volunteers who roamed the aisles looking for people taking pictures or making recordings. None was allowed.

“I wanted to take pictures for my girls; I have four girls,” Rothberg, who was writing a piece about the conference for Boca Raton-based Grey Matters Magazine, told the Miami Herald. “I think Hillary Clinton who is probably running for president in 2016 would want all the publicity she could get and I think it’s kind of ironic they would take the camera away.”

Rothberg said he was more puzzled than upset. He said he guessed at one point that Clinton’s handlers might have wanted to control the event to keep activists from infiltrating the event and raising awareness about issues like the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012. But he wasn’t sure.

Clinton’s speech came a day after congressional Republicans led another hearing into the attacks and faulted her and the administrations preparations am response to the Sept. 11 2012 attacks in Benghazi, Libya that killed four Americans: Ambassador Christopher Stevens, information management officer Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, security officers and former Navy SEALs.

Clinton didn't address the topic.

Breaking news story on the address is here


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Hillary has been looking pretty decrepit lately, but she must have looked particularly aged that day; else why would she act like a petty dictator?

Tawana Sharpton

Were any of these travel agents fired by Hillary when she was First Lady, or were these some of the cronies she installed?


I would never be stupid enough to vote for a Clinton, but for those of you who are, or are silly enough to even consider it, this kind of stuff should disabuse you of the notion that they have any respect for liberty.


"Rothberg said he was more puzzled than upset. He said he guessed at one point that Clinton’s handlers might have wanted to control the event to keep activists from infiltrating the event and raising awareness about issues like the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012."

Yeah.......we can't be having any awareness raising when it comes to the big H and Benghazi.

Fool, too bad they didn't make you eat your camera. You wouldn't have complained then either.


Hey Hillary...when the 3am call came you did not answer. You let them die.


the behavior of tyrants-in waiting


How will the govt "control" this kind of thing for those who's phones automatically upload copies of pics to their cloud account? Oh wait, I forgot about the NSA. Sorry, dumb question.


They still have travel agents?

Taking pictures with your camera phone will become a thing of the past in the new Demokrat utopia where we all work to pay off the $17 Trillion debt and $90 trillion in unfunded liabilities they have heaped on us.

You may not even be able to afford a smartphone once they get done taxing you.


The Democrats MUST have someone more suitable for the office of president. Or is it "her turn?" She's from the 60s with no new ideas and tons and tons of baggage.
Another Clinton in the White House would be going backwards - especially this very unlikeable, divisive, screaming wench. The Benghazi Battle cry will be her trademark for life. A life that she is responsible for taking from four American heroes.


Rothberg must have been shooting her elephant calves... not sure a pants suit can even hide those.

Or was it her new Erkel glasses? They make the bottom of a Coke bottle look like Saran wrap...


To all you low info voters,

Hillary Clinton is a murdering sumbag,evil witch.


The security would have to grab your hand, torture you to get your finger print for the iPhone 5S.


If you think the government's oppressive under Comrade Obama, wait'll you see it under Madame Hillary. You'll be afraid to leave your house.

Mike brown

She did not have sexual relations with that women!


This is a good indication of the type of people who were at this event. His camera is taken away, his pictures are deleted, and he's puzzled instead of angry. What is wrong with these people?

Larry Payne

Liberal retard. They may have deleted pic from file/folder but it's still on the hard drive. Try syncing to PC. It's still there.

John Osborne

Hey! Cut her a break! If I looked like HC, I'd not want my picture taken, either! She's helping all of us to avoid a rush to find Visual Floss!

Lou Ann Watson

travel agents, of course, mostly women...miami? sycophantic democrats. erased picture, image control. can't have any disparaging pictures of aunt hagatha floating around out there. was huma in the wings?


your phone is better off...her crazy looking face would certainly damage the device...


I'm not sure I'd want to expose my camera lens or inner workings to the image of Shrillery, aka the Butcher of Benghazi, myself, but what happens when that picture is automatically uploaded to Dropbox? Are these security people going to force the man to delete it from there too? Maybe use the NSA to delete it for him?


Isn't Shrillery a private citizen now? Wouldn't this security be private as well? Under what legal authority did the security people take this man's phone? I'm thinking he has a cause of action. I would have told "security" to blow me.

Bob woodard

She dosnt want people to know shes out making speaches so the Benghazi sign holders dont fine her. But if they do Hilly just pound ur fist on the table and get that bevis and butthead look and say "What difference does it make"


Wait. It is against the law for security - or cops, even - to delete a picture from someone's phone. In fact, the argument could be made that, if the taking of a picture of someone I a public place, a public venue, was somehow thought unlawful, the deletion of the picture is destroying evidence.

So, when will we see charges brought against the security personnel and those whom they work for?

dv polis

hell awaits hillary

Robert Mull

This is only done with the democrats because if they are actually seen in the light it is like they are roaches and they have to scatter like the vermin they are.


"What difference at this point does it make?"




The Gestapo are here.

Gennifer Flowers

This old HilleyBilly has seen and eaten more carpet than her crusty old man has ever dreamed of.


Who is she? Oh yeah, just an ordinary citizen. Let's start treating her that way. But, maybe those who fawn all over her deserve the treatment she is infamous for.

Don't Tread on Me

Mr. Rothberg is a spineless sheep for allowing his phone to be taken in the first place!! I don't feel one bit sorry for this wimp! If it was me...which I wouldn't have been caught dead at that event...the outcome would have been much different, and I promise I would still have my phone AND the picture!!

It's a pattern with these libtards...they hate transparency and want nothing more than to control the sheople and their actions.

Tax Payer

I know a Clinton minion who would have been missing a hand if he tried that with me. I know my rights. Illegal search and seizure will not be tolerated.


It is amazing how Democrats get away with such Stalinist tactics.

Philip Perington

The butcher of benghazi wants your camera or else...


The guy that went to see her and had his phone robbed will never wake up. He'll vote like a lamb for his death panel provider in 2016.


Classic police state tactics and so very alien from a democracy. Don't be surprised at this from Hillary.

Anyone But Obama

I like it, The Butcher of Benghazi. Let's hope it sticks for a few years. She should be in jail with Obama.


Hillary lied and four Americans died in Benghazi.
She also could not wait to get back to her Muslim girlfriend after Weiner lost in NYC.


Don't you find it odd that there is no report of this happening to any one else? Was he the only one to take a picture? I can't imagine with camera phones so ubiquitous, that being the case. So is this the real story?


The best the Clinton with the Charm and Personality ever did was 49% of the vote.

This sour vicious hag has not a prayer in hell of being elected when all those little black ladies who voted 5 times each for The Big Black Hole stay home.

ralph martin

Oh i love hearing the liberals getting the same treatment we conservatives/libertarians get every day. You idiots keep supporting these scumbags and then act surprised and/or make excuses when they act exactly how they are.

Yuri Bezmenov

Andrew Rothberg, that's what you get for being a Hillary fan. Be glad you're not Vince Foster.


Can't stand her,but IF it was stated before the event that no photos or video were allowed, it was right to enforce it.
Too bad Mitt and his gang weren't smart enough to do the same when he was videotaped by the grandson of our 2nd worst president (Jimmy Carter -- Obama being our 1st worst...)


"He said he guessed at one point that Clinton’s handlers might have wanted to control..". Nothing happens around Hilary without her orders. It wasing some handler's ides


Crazy yes...off their rocker INSANE and even more corrupt NO!!!! I wouldn't vote for her if she was the ONLY one running! I would choose ANY criminal in prison over her! For crying out loud I would take Bush back over her!! The only people worse than her brainless biden, and obozo!




Undelete photo, duh!


Travelgate comes to mind.


Since my previous comment was deleted, let me re-write my initial point. Mr. Rothberg should have never allowed his phone to be taken away, and never should have allowed a security guard to delete his photo. It's hard to feel sorry for someone who allows himself to be bullied by certain political parties, or anyone for that matter, when it comes to something as innocent as taking a picture of a "Political" public speaker.

Wake up people!!! This is what we have to look forward to if she is ever allowed back in the WH. She's a power hungry politician with a history of lying to the American people.

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