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Jackson Health System fundraising for bond referendum


The campaign to persuade Miami-Dade voters to approve $830 million in upgrades to Jackson Health System financed by a property-tax rate hike has raised more than $1 million since July, according to Carlos Migoya, Jackson’s chief executive.

Migoya gave at least three public addresses last week regarding the campaign, during which he revealed the fundraising to date and a bit of strategy.

Jackson registered its fundraising committee, Citizens For A Healthy Miami-Dade, in May.

Regarding the source of the money raised so far, Migoya said, “It’s coming from philanthropic leaders in this community who are writing big checks.”

Migoya also vowed that “not one dollar from Jackson or the Jackson Foundation” would be used for the campaign.

“We’re not even encouraging contractors at Jackson” to contribute, he added.


This post has been updated to reflect the correct amount -- more than $1 million, not about $1.5 million.