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Lawyers urge Sen. Marco Rubio to green-light South Florida federal judgeship


Hundreds of lawyers offended by U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s blocking of Miami-Dade Circuit Judge William L. Thomas’ nomination to the South Florida federal bench have signed a petition urging the conservative Republican to allow the first openly gay black nominee to be confirmed by the Senate.

Rubio, who along with Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson recommended Thomas to President Barack Obama almost a year ago, now says the jurist is not qualified because of his mishandling of a couple of DUI and murder cases.

But the signers of the petition, led by Miami attorney David Tucker, say Rubio has unfairly distorted Thomas’ record as soft to pander to the Tea Party and other GOP right-wingers.

“Judge Thomas would be a tremendous asset to the bench and community,” the petition reads. “He brings years of legal and judicial experience to the court. The time to act is now and therefore we request that Senator Rubio put politics aside and immediately issue a ‘blue slip’ allowing for Judge Thomas’ nomination process to move forward.”

Rubio’s hold on the so-called blue slip is the only barrier to Thomas’ Senate confirmation hearing.

Several media outlets, including the Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times and Huffington Post, have opined that Rubio’s flip-flop on Thomas — rated “majority well qualified” by the American Bar Association — is motivated only by partisan politics because he was skewered by conservatives for backing immigration reform.

But Rubio is not budging.



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Ed Jenkins

The article mentions the corrupt lawyers that are offended but fails to mentioned how offended the people of Florida are that this admitted perv is being considered for this position. This immoral guy has behaviors that have been rejected as recently as 5 years ago by more that 60% of Floridians yet this president seems to want to force such an offensive nominee on our state.

Timothy Hites

Just in case you were "worried" about Rubio, this should prove what a Manly Man he really is and put all those rumors to rest!

william mennitt

if you are holding up this nomination up because the man is gay, i have lost all respect for you. you have 4 children any one of them may have been born gay!!!

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