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Liberal group: FL health boss C. Meade Grigg is "cruel...incompetent" for Obamacare blocking

Americans United for Change, a liberal advocacy group, singled out a senior Florida Department of Health official today for asking county health departments to block federal advisers from helping people receive Obamacare services. The background is here, the statement is here:

C. Meade Grigg, the deputy Florida Department of Health secretary for statewide services, must be sick of his job because clearly he has no interest in doing it anymore.  According to the FL DOH website, its Mission is to ‘protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida,’ its Vision is to ‘be the Healthiest State in the Nation’.  Mr. Grigg needs to explain how that mission was not entirely compromised when he banished from FL health department premises the people who have been tapped by the federal government to help uninsured Floridians navigate the new health law and the benefits available to them.  Among the groups that for no good reason Griggs has deemed outcasts: the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, Mental Health America and the National Hispanic Council on Aging.  Grigg should know better than most that thousands of people die every year because they didn’t have insurance, so why is he standing in the way of Floridians enrolling in a plan?  Retired Pasco County Health Director Dr. Marc Yacht is absolutely right: Grigg’s actions are ‘cruel and irresponsible.’  I would add incompetent.”


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Hello, progressives! Hello? Why do you want these folks, who are already getting health care directly from government clinics, to sign up for private health insurance? Do you really want this done so the federal government will pump more money into the deep pockets of private health insurers?

Ed Jenkins

Our state has already overwhelmingly rejected this horrible insurance law so it is good that our government will try to keep its promoters away.

have a heart

Honestly Grigg is only doing what that jerk John Armstrong tells him to do. How bad do you have to be to have Republican senators not even like you? Armstrong is a disgrace.


Hello, Conservatives! Hello? Have you ever been to a County Health Clinic? Did they diagnose and treat or waste your time with questionaires, excuses, long delays, and demand for payments higher than a commercial clinic? Lies and ignorance define the opposition to the ACA.


No Redundant, Some folks would just prefer not to bankrupt the country. ObamaCare is the biggest boondoggle ever voted into law in this country. A big, wet, stinking blanket that will smother economic growth in this country.


tallyguy1 - Pay Attention.... The current system is bankrupting the country. Obamacare is the law. Give it a chance. States that are enacting it are projecting successes. If Florida keeps shooting itself in the foot expect much limping.

Can't take anymore

This is not really any different than what is going on in virtually every agency in state government. Ultra-rightwing orthodoxy trumps law and good sense. Anyone aspiring to a management job will tow the party line or feel the wrath of the Teabaggers in power. Grigg apparently sold his soul for a job promotion.

Libbee Ral

whasup, you have no idea what you're talking about. The gap of available health care for the poor is great. People are not getting what they need from health departments and the like. I know because I'm one. We still pay taxes and that money buys health insurance those sycophants in the Florida legislature which only costs their selfish behinds $8.34 a month. But they try day in and day out to keep a reasonable plan from the poorer citizens.


C. Meade Grigg can be reached here: Phone: (850) 245-4009
Fax: (850) 921-1898

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