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Marco Rubio course-correction: downplays 'govt. slowdown' in Miami, blasts Dems for shutdown in DC


Sen. Marco Rubio spent Monday morning flying from Miami to DC, downplaying the effects of a partial government "shutdown" that passengers asked about.

"Not really a shutdown, more of a slowdown," a passenger quoted Rubio as explaining. "Not a good way to do business."

The business in Washington right now: the blame game over the failure to reach a budget deal. Polling indicates Americans are inclined to fault Republicans more than Democrats.

Once he was off his plane and back in Washington, Rubio ditched the apparent talk of a "slowdown," played up the failures of the budget deal and sought to blame Democrats.

The Democratic-controlled Senate quickly voted down a House Republican budget plan Monday because it targeted Obamacare. It then sent the House a so-called "clean" resolution to continue funding the federal government at current levels, starting at midnight.

Rubio issued a press release that bashed the vote of his chamber but said nothing about the House's refusal to give the Senate's measure an up or down vote:

 Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) issued the following statement after Senate Democrats rejected a budget to keep the federal government open, delay ObamaCare for a year, and repeal its tax on seniors’ pacemakers and other medical devices:

“Across our country, Americans are as disgusted as I am by the latest Washington spectacle of failed leadership. I hear it every day from Americans hurting and wondering whether anyone in Washington even cares about people like them who continue working hard and sacrificing, only to keep falling behind. While Washington debates how to keep the government open, too few are talking about how to keep the American dream alive for the vast majority of Americans threatened by Washington’s dysfunction and intrusions into our economy and lives.

“On October 1, ObamaCare will begin to take root in Americans’ lives and mark among the most invasive intrusions into our workplaces, health plans and religious freedoms that we have ever seen. ObamaCare hurts everyone but especially the very people who live week-to-week, for whom being moved to part-time and losing work hours can be a devastating hit for their families.”


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aggravated floridian

Marco Rubio is irresponsible in his comments about the government shutdown. He is out of touch with the majority of the American people and should be held accountable for his actions that has led to this mess. He refuses to compromise on any issues in Washington. As our representative from Florida, his job requirement is to work with the other congress people from their states and to run the government efficiently. He adamantly refuses to compromise on any issue and does not work well with others which has led to a shutdown of our government.

People who do not fulfill their job requirements are generally let go. They should not able to sit back and collect their salary for doing NOTHING.

mel chambers

I agree with aggravated floridian completely. taking care of the nation's business is more important than trying to advance an ideological position. the republican party has put us in this kind of jeopardy frequently of late and should pay for it severely in coming elections.

A Registered Republican

We need yet more accountability here! I hope this elected representative will help a clean CR come to a vote in the house so voters can identify the truly irresponsible folks driving this outrageous example of dysfunctional government. Obamacare is a law in fact, Americans have affirmed our support of it in two elections, and it is malfeasance to use it as an excuse to a abrogate the responsibility to efficiently run our government!

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