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Marco's many faces: How Rubio lost tea party cred


Marco Rubio once looked like the Republican savior over immigration.

Now, to some conservatives, he seems as trustworthy as a door-to-door salesman.

From the right-wing talk-show hosts to local activists at town halls, many conservatives say they’re upset that Rubio’s talk and deeds conflict over comprehensive immigration reform.

“The problem is he sold this based on talking points,” said Jason Hoyt, an Orlando tea party activist, summing up the discomfort many conservatives have with the Florida Republican senator.

“He had four or five talking points, which sounded pretty good,” Hoyt said. “But then we saw the bill, and it was 1,200 pages of detail. And then there was article after article after article about how bad the bill was.”

So it’s not just policy (implementing a path to citizenship, increasing border security) that’s the problem. It’s trust.

It’s not that Rubio is perceived as two-faced. It’s that he has too many faces, the equivalent of a computer program that updates with the political mood:

•  Rubio2008: The Florida House Speaker whose chamber squashed state-based immigration reform. At the time, he said immigration was a federal responsibility.

•  Rubio2010: The upstart, long-shot candidate, who bested one-time Republican Gov. Charlie Crist, took a hard line on immigration and generally called a pathway to citizenship a mistaken “amnesty.”

•  Rubio2013A: A future White House hopeful who rode a wave of positive media coverage to become, in Time magazine’s words, the Republican savior after the party was drubbed nationally in the 2012 elections. The bipartisan bill he helped hammer out contains what many conservatives see as “amnesty.”

•  Rubio2013B: The establishment Republican who now barely talks immigration, unless he is asked about it during select interviews with friendly media or at little-advertised town hall-style meetings. Rubio wants to talk about his effort to defund Obamacare instead.

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/09/01/3600665/marc-caputo-how-marco-rubio-lost.html#storylink=cpy


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Patriotic Militia

Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist are the same thing. We are going to vote them all out. Get ready for a primary.


Stop licking your leftist chops. There were some hacklers, but vastly more applause and approval.


Marco is 1 and done. He is a RINO, liar and illegal immigrant coddler.


Living in Miami and knowing Rubio's history. I KNEW that he would do a 180 after fooling his "out of Miami" supporters.

Rubio is ONLY out for himself and if giving citizenship to 10's of millions of illegals would get him much of the Hispanic vote in a federal election than that is exactly what he was going to do.

I am glad that he showed his true colors before having the power to legalize illegals .

NOTHING that crawls out of Miami (regardless of party) should ever get higher office.


"Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist are the same thing. We are going to vote them all out. Get ready for a primary.

Posted by: Patriotic Militia"


Crist was upfront about his views .
I found it terrble when Rubio was elected because I not only knew that he was going to do a 180 or min burn the candle at both ends but I knew that he was not going to do a thing other than endless speech's about the illegals which are pouring into Florida and I was CORRECT.

As far as real action he has not lifted a finger and the illegals are pouring in.


What is it that conservatives stand for? I find the whole idea of conservatives contrary to Biblical principles, of peace, love and unity. It seems to be from what I hear and read, that conservatives are against, marriage, family values, helping those who are less fortunate, and patriotism. It seems to me that makes the Republican Conservative base, greedy, self-centered and godless and full of hypocracy, i.e. Anthony Weiner, Shirk. PLEASE TAKE A BREAK!!!!

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