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Nan Rich's claim about ed funding gets a Half True from PolitiFact


As he faces re-election next year, Republican Gov. Rick Scott says he wants to put money back in taxpayers’ pockets. He touts aproperty tax cut he got in 2011 (in reality, a smidgen), a pay hike for teachers in 2013 and now his proposal to cut $500 million in taxes or fees.

Scott hasn’t released specifics on his next tax cuts, but his overall message is clear: He wants voters to see him as the guy in their corner saving them money.

Former Democratic state Sen. Nan Rich who is running against Scott, calls his idea a re-election gimmick in light of Florida’s pressing needs -- including education.

"We need to be taking a long hard look at funding the critical needs of the state," she said Sept. 11. "We’re 48th in K-12 funding and 50th in higher education." Rich said more funding for education would be a better way to help the middle class.

Florida has often gotten a bad rap for education spending -- but just how bottom of the barrel are we?

PolitiFact Florida examined the state’s K-12 education funding ranking in 2010, but we wanted to see if the numbers had changed and if Rich had done her homework. Read more from PolitiFact.


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The half truth rating does not negate the whole truth that no matter how you look at education funding Floriduh is a bottom feeder. The $700 MILLION in borrowed Chinese money the Repugnants took from Obama is probably keeping FL just outside the sludge on the very bottom.

Robert Jenkins

See, that is one of the major problems here. Blaming President Obama, may help you feel good; but is simply self delussion. No Child Left Behind; lol. Now Common Core? People who claim this President is a Socialist; need to understand, that is what Floriduh is pushing. As even the morons in power understand an educated society, is a society to fear!!!

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