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North Miami police chief billed city for Haiti trip to provide security for mayor on 'private vacation'


While North Miami Mayor Lucie Tondreau was in Haiti on what the city described as “a private vacation,” the city’s police chief flew business class to the island-nation to ensure the mayor’s safety.

Taxpayers picked up the $2,800 tab for police chief Marc Elias’ two-week stay in Haiti.

According to travel documents submitted to the city by Elias, the purpose of his trip was “security for Lucie Tondreau and meeting with National Haitian Police staff” for the implementation of community policing services and an update on child exploitation.

Elias lodged at the Villa Creole, “on a quiet street in Pétion-Ville, in the cool hills above Port-au-Prince,” as described by the hotel’s website. The cost for his one-week stay from July 26 to July 31 was $803.

During that same time period, Elias charged the city $666 for his meals.

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Is this an article from The Onion? So there are actual people who vacation in Haiti?

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