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Retiring Miami city attorney proposes to 10-year partner at City Hall


At her last commission meeting Thursday as Miami’s city attorney, Julie Bru carried the microphone to the front of the dais at City Hall, opened a small black case with a sparkling ring inside – and asked Miami Police Officer Suzy Izaguirre to marry her.

Izaguirre, tears streaking down her cheeks and caught by surprise, agreed to make the couple’s 10-year relationship legal as commissioners, legal staff, and audience members rained applause.

“Even though we can’t do it in the state of Florida, we’re going to move to New York to live together as wife and wife,” Bru said.

Izaguirre hugged Police Chief Manuel Orosa. Bru hugged everyone else.

It was a fitting end to Bru’s five years as city attorney, years filled with ups and downs and child-rearing and the loss of a son. Looking around the chamber, Bru said she wasn’t sure if she would have survived the city’s top legal post without the support of her Miami family. She began at the city attorney’s office in 1989.

With Bru’s retirement, Victoria Méndez will take over next week as the new city attorney.

Bru, barely keeping her composure, said Miami leaders “not only tolerated our alternative lifestyle, but accepted it.”

Just before the surprise announcement, Commission Chair Marc Sarnoff declared Thursday Julie O. Bru Day.

Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones told Bru she’s been an inspiration. Then the commissioner spoke directly to Méndez.

“You have some pretty tough pumps to fill,” she said.



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Ed Jenkins

Yet another example of the corruption and immorality in Miami city government. How this lady could be allowed to keep her job while admittedly carrying on such a perverted lifestyle is hard to believe. After pulling this stunt at a public meeting they need to strip this lady of all benefits we may be on the hook for to support her offensive and immoral lifestyle. The same goes for that cop if it is found true that she is involved in this behavior.

The Herald should not be publicizing stunts like this though since families and children read the paper and this is not appropriate material for them.


Ioved this story. It's about love and nothing else. May they live in bliss and share a wonderful long life, as one.

francisco rondon

this story is a disgrace and inmoral i asking god to forgive them ......and the whole city hall, this place become another ... sodoma and gomorra......

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