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Weatherford blasts Obamacare tax penalties on Fox News

Another day, another Florida lawmaker on Fox News attacking the Affordable Care Act. Last week, it was Attorney General Pam Bondi, who expressed concerns about enrollment advisors paid to help people find insurance. This morning, House Speaker Will Weatherford focused on the taxes and penalties associated with the health care law

"They said they weren’t going to raise taxes, but Obamacare is the largest tax increase on the American people and there are numerous taxes," the Wesley Chapel Republican said right out of the gate.

Politifact has rated similar statements before, each time ruling them false or even "pants on fire."

Weatherford elaborated later in the interview, looping in higher insurance premiums as he repeated his "biggest tax increase" claim. Later, his spokesman Ryan Duffy cited this piece by conservative columnist Merrill Matthews to back the speaker's claim up.

For the most of the three-minute interview, Weatherford talked to host Brian Kilmeade about several provisions intended to provide the federal government revenue to pay for new health care choices and benefits.

For example, he called the so-called "Cadillac" tax on high-cost employer health plans "ridiculous." The tax is intended to encourage employers to chose cheaper coverages and spend their savings to boost employer pay, meaning more income for the federal government. Some unions and other large employers say it's forcing them to chose less benefit-rich insurance plans to their workforce.

Weatherford also criticized the medical device tax, caps on flexible spending accounts and the law's tanning tax -- which resulted in a reference to MTV's now shuttered reality show "Jersey Shore."

He concluded that the revenue sources wont save the law, citing numerous delays. For example, the requirement that businesses provide employees insurance or pay a penalty was pushed back for one year.

“It’s a train wreck," Weatherford said. "They’re delaying their own laws. Over half of the dates that they set forth ... they’ve ignored them. They can't stick to their own dates, and now they want states and they want all the American citizens to pay for those things."

Video embedded below or watch here.


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Lies, Blah, Blah, More Lies. No mention of the $50 Billion in taxes now going to other states because of his ideological log jam.

Randall McMurphy

And don't forget his own example of family hypocrisy. He was raised in a family that had so many children they couldn't afford them all and had to have government assistance through medicaid. Now that he's married into wealth, his mantra is "pay your own way." What a jerk.


This guy is such a jock. How did he become so rich? He hasn't earned his money. He needs to release all his tax records and his wife's too.

Timothy Hites

CIVIL ALERT ! Only a few more days before our country is Attacked by Obamacare and the American Way of Life will be gone forever!
But there are practical steps you can take to Shelter in Place and Protect your Family!

1. Find the most protected and secure room in your house, this will be your Safe Room when the Obamacare Shock Troops land their Black Helicopters in your neighborhood.

2. Stock up on canned food and essential supplies, be ready for a long stay as it may take a while for the Christian Patriots to fight back to where it will be safe to go to Church again.

3. Keep an AM radio on hand with extra batteries so you can get Emergency information from Glen Beck.

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