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Which Miami-Dade commissioner to recall? Activists plan to pick name out of hat


Two groups of activists upset with Miami-Dade commissioners who did not fully fund an animal-welfare plan intend to take the first step Friday to recall one of the politicians.

But there’s a twist: The activists don’t know which commissioner they will target. Really.

Instead, they will put the names of eight commissioners in a hat and pick one at random, said Michael Rosenberg, one of the founder of the Pets’ Trust.

“I think this will wake up people,” he said.

Eight of 13 commissioners — Chairwoman Rebeca Sosa, Vice Chairwoman Lynda Bell, Bruno Barreiro, Esteban “Steve” Bovo, Jose “Pepe” Diaz, Javier Souto, Xavier Suarez and Juan C. Zapata — voted on July 16 in favor of Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s proposal to keep next year’s property-tax rate flat.

That decision meant the far-reaching animal-care plan drafted by the Pets’ Trust and supported by 65 percent of voters in a nonbinding ballot question last year would not receive the full funding Gimenez had initially proposed, which would have required a tax-rate hike.

Rosenberg said the commissioner chosen for what could be a long and costly recall campaign — reminiscent of sports trades that include “a player to be named later” — matters less than sending a message to the board four days before it holds its first public hearing on the budget.

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Marcus O.

So, they are trying to recall the commissioners because they WOULD NOT raise taxes? lol. What is this world coming to? If you raise taxes you have the TEA PARTY coming after you. Now, if you don't raise taxes, these guys will come after you. The point of democracy is to allow someone to run, win, and represent. If you don't agree with their votes, vote them out the next year. Recalls based on nonsense are bad for the system.

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