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Winners, losers and promises of Obamacare


The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services had great Obamacare news last week: premiums nationwide will “be around 16 percent lower…

“…than originally expected.”

The second part of that talking point — about future savings relative to year-old government estimates — is crucial to understanding the public-relations war over the Affordable Care Act.

After years of conservative criticisms about Obamacare’s costs and effects, supporters desperately want more good news published about the unpopular but little-understood program. It goes online Tuesday when the public will have the first chance to get a real look at new plans for the individual-insurance market.

But though HHS Wednesday advertised the act’s “significant choice and lower than expected premiums,” some might find limited choices and Affordable Care Act rates that don’t look so affordable.

In the end, people don’t care about government expectations. They don’t buy insurance with estimates and projections.

People pay with money.

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Fact Checker

A CNBC poll found 46% opposed "Obamacare", while 37% opposed the "Affordable Care Act".

They are the same thing.

At the same time, more people support "Obamacare" (29%) than those who support ACA (22%.)

30% didn't know what the ACA was, compared to 12% who weren't familiar with Obamacare, according to the poll.

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