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October 10, 2013

Doral city manager survives attempted ouster

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In the course of an hour Wednesday night, Doral City Manager Joe Carollo went from witnessing a motion to have him fired to being given a vote of confidence by the majority of the City Council.

The council chambers teemed with residents and reporters Wednesday night as the council’s regular meeting opened with Mayor Luigi Boria proposing to oust Carollo, a motion that failed after about an hour of discussion. Councilwoman Sandra Ruiz seconded the motion to trigger the discussion before withdrawing, killing the measure.

Earlier in the day, Doral police charged a business associate of the mayor with filing a false police report accusing Carollo of assault, but that wasn’t what Boria wanted to talk about Wednesday night.

Instead Boria aired other grievances, saying Carollo traveled without approval to Las Vegas in June to try to promote Doral as a future host city for the Miss USA pageant, snooped into council members’ spending habits and took a week off without approval.

“I deeply believe that he has problems with conduct, and it’s hard for me to live with this situation,” Boria said.

Councilwoman Ana Maria Rodriguez disagreed, saying Carollo had done nothing to merit dismissal and pointing out that the whole council commended Carollo during the budget season.

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Post mea culpa, Florida still at odds with civil rights groups on 2012 purge

Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner may have spent the last week apologizing for the 2012 purge of non-citizens, but opening arguments started today in a trial that shows the controversy lives on.

A coalition of civil rights and union groups -- Project Vote, Fair Elections Legal Network, Advancement Project, SEIU and LatinoJusticePRLDEF -- argued Thursday before a U.S. Appeals for the 11th Circuit panel in Miami that last year’s purge violated the National Voter Registration Act.

It’s an appeal of a ruling last year by the Southern District of Florida that struck down the claim, filed on behalf of Karla Arcia, a Nicaraguan-American, and Melande Antoine, a Haitian-American. Both were Miami-Dade residents and U.S. citizens who were notified within 90 days of the August primary that they were non-citizens.

Detzner now says that the data used to identify the batch of voters during that period was faulty. But the state still maintains that the timing of alerting the voters that they were identified as non-citizens was appropriate and part of a necessary process called “list maintenance.”

Not so with the coalition. They argue that list maintenance, which is a euphemism for the systemic removal of non-eligible voters from registries, should only be done within 90 days of an election for specific events, such as deaths, felony convictions, adjudication of mental incapacity, or a change of address upon the request of the voter. Non-citizenship doesn’t meet that criteria that’s outlined in federal law, they argue.

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