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AG Pam Bondi to FL Supreme Court: Medical marijuana group is "hiding the ball."


Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi told the state's high court that the backers of a proposed constitutional amendment calling for medical marijuana are misleading voters.

The proposed amendment and its ballot summary that voters would say, which needs to be reviewed by the Florida Supreme Court before being placed on the 2014 ballot, call for the legalization of medical marijuana for "debilitating diseases."

But Bondi, in her office's court filing, said the amendment goes farther than the ballot summary indicates and that the sponsor, People United for Medical Marijuana is "hiding the ball" about the true effect of the proposal.

"If the amendment passed, Florida law would allow mairjuana in limitless situations," Bondi wrote. "Any physician could approve marijuana for seemingly any reason to seemingly any person (of any age) -- including those without any 'debilitating disease.' So long as a physician held the opinion that the drug use 'would likely outweigh t' the risks, Florida would be powerless to stop it."

If the court agrees with Bondi and determines the measure is misleading, the court could strike the proposed amendment down.

Pervading the issue: partisan politics.

People United for Medical Marijuana is backed by Orlando trial lawyer and Democratic fundraiser John Morgan, the boss of former Gov. Charlie Crist, who's planning to challenge Republican Gov. Rick Scott.

Republicans suspect PUFMM is a front group to help Charlie and hurt Republicans; PUFMM denies the claims.

Assuming it survives constitutional challenge, the medical marijuana issue won't get on the ballot unless PUFMM gathers 683,149 verified voter signatures by February. The group says it has gathered 200,000 so far, of which more than 110,000 have been verified.

Once it makes the ballot, the issue would need 60 percent voter support to pass. Recent polls suggest there's a good chance the measure would pass today. The liberal-leaning polling firm PPP recently reported the concept garnered 62 percent


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mark ducharme

Maybe ms Bondi would be more sympathetic if she had a loved one dying from a dehabilitating disease that "legal" drugs did not help

T. Baum

You may want to look into Bondi's "hidden ball" there may be big pharma driving her.

Melanie Marshall

If she knew anything about the plant to which she's so opposed, she'd know that there is nothing to worry about. So what about who's doctor approves it? It's nontoxic. Stop being afraid of nothing!


Ms. Bondi is a horrible terrible excuse for a human being. I spent most of my life suffering from multiple chronic debilitating medical conditions which effect my nervous system, joints, and eyes. I also have severe depression and insomnia as a result. There has been days were my pain was so bad I needed my mom to help me dress my self. I had to drop out of college. The legally prescribed medication I take helps some-what but not enough not to mention it is 100x more dangerous than marijuana. A medical professional who went to college and medical school should have every right to prescribe a safe and effective medication. A person if I could even call her that; who most likely doesn't even have a basic middle school level of science literacy has no right to have an opinion on an issue like this.

I always laugh when people try and claim that mmj will increase drug use. Florida is already flooded with marijuana. The only thing that will change if this passes is people like me will no longer have to live in fear of going to prison, just for wanting to feel for comfortable and get some independence back. Not to mention the money people spend on it will go to honest tax paying citizens rather than the black market.


Imagine that, people using a natural plant to ease their pains,the Horror!!!!! Oh, but some people might use it just to feel"high" can't have people feeling good now can we. Wake up people your government lies to you. Your government is Not about ensuring your " life,liberty,and pursuit of happiness",your government is about control.
“If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on.” 
― Terence McKenna


being a libertarian I liked anything that would stop obamacare mandates, being a libertarian I find it ridiculous to continue the war on drugs - particularly, a plant that possesses so many benefits! let's get logical and sane about this!


Bondi was voted in this office and she can be replaced with someone else.


At a recent family outing I was gathering signatures and it was not the 65 and older groups but a relative who was bragging about all the money she was making as a psychologist when I ask her to sign,she refused when we had partaking many times in the past, until I realized that most if not all of her clients were from court order rehab. rehab is one of the many industry reliant on prohibition


Vote Florida http://www.unitedforcare.org/sign_up?recruiter_id=2300

Bimbo alert!

Who can take anything seriously that this idiot says. Bondi is a disgrace. She also steals dogs from orphans. This woman has no redeeming qualities.

chuck edelstein

How many have died in FL from pot. Death certificates seem to refute the AG's love affair with Reefer Madness


What risks? This lady is a MORON. Why cant we ever put someone with intelligence in a position of power. People are gonna smoke weed whether the law says its okay or not. Havent they learned this? The government is a joke.


It's a shame that our current political climate towards MMJ is geared to put our citizens into the legal system because this is how our government supplements it's income. DEA's annual budget is $3 billion for FY 2012, besides all the residual income from confiscated property the DEA seized a reported $2.4 billion in drug trade related assets and $477 million worth of drugs.

Kathy D

The smartest thing this state could possibly do is pass legislation for medical use of cannabis in the next legislative session. The Bill introduced last year was the best compared to other states except it needed to allow more plants per patient for those who juice it fresh and raw (no high just pure healthy medicine), eat if fresh and cook with it. Cancer patients needing the oil would need more plants also.

Cannabis is such an awesome antibiotic it can kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and disrupt the progression of prion diseases such as Mad Cow and Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, currently there is "No FDA-approved treatment for a prion disease.”

Thousands of deaths each year in the U.S. are caused by MRSA. A recent study shows hemp fabric stops the spread of Staph and MRSA. In light of that, with the Staph and MRSA epidemic in most U.S. Hospitals wouldn't it be wise to use hemp fabric for all hospital bedding, towels, clothing and curtains?

Florida Health Officials reported there are 1.6 MILLION Floridians that would be eligible for treatment using medical cannabis. I believe that is acknowledgement of medical value, though the numbers are taken from those with diseases that are clearly documented to benefit from medical cannabis. That means those people tried everything else and found more relief and benefit from cannabis than standard treatment. Why would we deny this for Floridians?

Topical use of a cannabis liniment is far more effective than any pain medication and does not get one high but it isn't legal to use. It would prevent addiction because one never ingests anything. A few sprays - NO HIGH - NO PAIN - NO ADDICTION, except to living without pain.

End the pharmaceutical chemical slavery NOW. Cannabis should be legal to grow in every backyard on the planet. The making of crimes out of health matters has proven a dismal reckless failure. Scientific studies have proven Cannabis has medical value, is safe and effective for many health ailments. The discovery of the endocannabinoid system and evidence of health benefits consuming cannabis raw, which has no psychoactive properties, should leave cannabis as a dietary food. Cannabis is one of the original medicines and still safer than pharmaceutical chemicals which kill people daily and have every day in the 100 years they have been used.

Nancy S.

End the madness, end prohibition. Stop destroying lives over a stinking joint. Help those in pain that don't want to take addictive pills! It should be grown everywhere!
Prisons should be for the murderers, baby rapers and real drug dealers.


The description of the AG's challenge here is incomplete. The AG is challenging the validity of the title and summary of the proposed amendment, both of which may not be misleading (pursuant to the state constitution, and as determined by the Supreme Court). The arguments are (right or wrong) essentially that the title and summary are misleading because they make it seem like there is a concrete list of conditions for which marijuana would be allowed for, and because they make it seem like there is no conflict between the amendment and federal law. A summary of the AG's petition is available at www.flascblog.com.

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen in Florida drug dealers will go to any extent to hook innocent people on their toxic narcotics. Any people behind this devious plan to sneak through this horribly immoral proposition need to be prosecuted on drug dealing charges. We have fought hard to reduce tobacco smoking and the last thing we need is for those gains to be eroded by the proliferation of an even more harmful narcotic.


I want it legal but not this bill! It outlaws growing your own, so you're just trading one drug dealer for another at the same hugely inflated price + you have to pay the Dr. Beer and wine prices CAN'T be overly excessive ONLY BECAUSE you can make your own. That prevents over taxing too! Get the government out of the pot business! Support legalizing GROW YOUR OWN!


@Ed Jenkins, LOL, your comment was sarcasm or satire right? No one could be that stupid right?

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