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Alex Sink for Bill Young's congressional seat? People are talking


Hope this doesn't prove embarassing. A couple days ago a reader emailed me about the race to succeed retiring U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young, R-Indian Shores:

How about Alex Sink running for Young's seat?  She would be a strong Democratic candidate.  She has the name recognition and she would also be another voice of reason for the House...

That thought hadn't occurred to me. I forwarded the email to Sink: "I've heard a lot crazier ideas...Let me know if you'd like Realtor recommendations," I wrote, curious if her interest might be piqued.

She did not respond to my (mostly) joking note. But now Peter Schorsch reports that according to unnamed sources Sink is seriously considering a run for that Pinellas seat.

If it happens - and we've heard no solid confirmation yet, just excitement from Sink fans - she would be have to be considered the immediate general election frontrunner, even if she did only beat Rick Scott in the district with 51.1 percent of the vote. Legally, Sink would not actually have to live in the district, though it certainly would be a bit unseemingly to live

Legally, she would not have to live in the district, but it would be a bit unseemly to continue living in rural Thonotosassa, nearly 40 miles away from the district.

“This district is a strong pickup opportunity for Democrats – and that’s why in the past 24 hours alone two top Republicans have already taken a pass at running," said DCCC spokesman David Bergstein. "A candidate – like Alex Sink – who has a strong record of solving problems would be extremely competitive in this district.”

Stay tuned.


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Yawn. She wins.

Can't take anymore

Is this the deal that was struck to keep her out of Charlie's hair in a Democratic primary? Probably a better fit for both of them and acceptable to the great majority of Democrats and moderate Independents that would vote in these elections.

Ed Jenkins

It is time that we let this poor old lady retire and spend her few remaining years with her family and not drag her into a stressful life just after losing her husband which must be devastating. Let her waning years be filled cooking for holiday events and baking cookies for her grandchildren which she would enjoy.

Can't take anymore

What a sensitive guy you are, Ted. I bet also you'd volunteer to help the one year older Hillary Clinton move into a nursing home so she can spend her remaining days playing bingo and watching game shows on TV.

Ed Jenkins

Thank you for your concern on the horrible situations that these poor old ladies are being pushed into just for the benefit of a selfish political party that will abandon them at the first sign of failure. I cannot imagine ever putting my grandmother through that.

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