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Alex Sink to run for U.S. Congress


Alex Sink is running for Congress.

Florida’s former chief financial officer and Democratic gubernatorial nominee on Tuesday confirmed exclusively to the Tampa Bay Times that she is jumping into the race to succeed late Republican U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young in a district covering much of Pinellas County.

Sink, 65, has begun looking for a Pinellas home and said she will move “imminently” into the district from her east Hillsborough home 45 minutes away.

“Washington’s broken. And I, like everybody else I know, is angry and mad about the logjam, about shutting down the government, about not understanding the impact it was going to have on small businesses and people. The people up there just don’t seem to be able to work together,” said Sink, who had considered running for governor again but ruled that out in late September.

“I’m somebody who’s solved problems, has a long history of working with Republicans and Democrats to get things done,” said Sink, who used to run Bank of America’s Florida operations and was CFO from 2007-2011. “I believe I can be an effective advocate for the people of Pinellas County and get to Washington and make a difference.”

The special election campaign for one of the country’s most competitive seats won’t last long.

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Ed Jenkins

We have seen this poor lady suffer greatly in the last year with her husband's death. The last thing she needs at this point is to be put through the drudgery of a political campaign for a meaningless stint as a minority member of congress just for the benefit of some political party. Let her spend her waning years with her family which will make her much happier.

harry Houdini

Sink is a "sellout" to the BIG BANKERS. As CFO of Bof A in Florida, she was SILENT ( as expected) when Florida's mortgage fraud that was orchestrated by the big banks( including( B OF A ) committed one of the biggest FRAUDS ever on the American Taxpayer.

She is BOUGHT and SOLD by the banking industry. We will NOT get a fair shake if she is elected.

Mark my words!

Marlene Semple

I disagree that spending her "waning years" with her family will make Alex Sink happier than spending it in the House of Representatives. She will be benefiting all of us, including herself, not just "some political party" if she spends those years in Congress. She is a vibrant and knowledgeable woman and will make a great Representative for Florida. Go Alex!

Ed Jenkins

As we have seen the job of a member of congress requires weekly trips back and forth between Washington and the home district to see constituents. People would not want to see their grandmother going through that type of exhausting travel just to benefit some thankless political party. Let the woman do what grandmothers enjoy and retire to Florida.

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