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And then there were two: Perry Thurston throws hat in the ring for Attorney General


It's official, says Lauderdhill Rep. Perry Thurston: He's running for attorney general as a Democrat.

He'll be facing George Sheldon in a Democratic primary.

"I think we can drive up turnout, but more importantly, Pam Bondi is vulnerable and we can win. I have a proven track record of raising funds and winning race," said Thurston, a Lauderhill lawyer and outgoing Florida House Democratic leader.


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So, he admitted to living outside his district as a house member, now he wants to become AG? Let it go.

Can't take anymore

Fuzzy the homeless guy who camps under the I-95 overpass would get more votes in a general election than this guy. Talk about a vanity campaign! Bondi is safe in her job with guys like this entering the race.

The Truth About Perry

1. Thurston is a liar! He doesn't live in the district he currently represents, a violation of the Florida Constitution and a crime when compiled with the fact that he has taken a sworn statement to the contrary.

2. Thurston isn't running for AG to win. He is running to raise PAC & ECO money for his run for Chris Smith's State Senate seat in 2016 and possibly Alcee Hastings' Congressional seat sometime in the future.

This guy is a liar and a piece of garbage. And this is coming from a committed Democrat.

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