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Bill Young's widow tells Charlie Crist, and others, to not attend memorial


A host of dignitaries from Washington to Tallahassee to Tampa Bay will be on hand to honor the late U.S. Rep. C.W. Bill Young at his memorial service Thursday.

But one particularly prominent politician won't be welcome at First Baptist Indian Rocks: Charlie Crist.

Young's widow, Beverly Young, emailed the former Republican governor and likely future Democratic gubernatorial nominee, instructing him to stay away.


This e-mail is to officially advise you that your presence at my husband's memorial services will be unacceptable. I have watched over the years, as Bill had, your transparent attempts to manipulate the political arena. I don't want my husband's memorial service to be another opportunity for that and I will not tolerate anyone turning this into a platform for political gain.
Please honor my families request.

Beverly Young
Widow of Congressman Bill Young

Precisely what caused the bad blood was not immediately clear Monday night, though some Young allies were turned off with the way Crist in 2009 held a cattle call of sorts, summoning Young and other potential candidates for Crist to appoint to the unfinished term of U.S. Sen. Mel Martinez. Young showed up looking in sneakers and baggy polo, as if Crist had interrupted his lawn mowing, and told a surprised Gov. Crist he had no interest in the appointment.

Mrs. Young said she also emailed Pinellas County Commissioner Charlie Justice and St. Petersburg lawyer Jessica Ehrlich - both Democrats who ran against her husband - telling them they were unwelcome at the memorial service.

"BILL SPECIFICALLY said he didn't want his memorial service to be a platform for local politicians to work the crowds. He's right. It's not only wrong , its disgusting to see that happen," she said. "HE GAVE me the names of the people he wished wouldnt show up, that was just three and we both know i dont care about poltical correctness so i took it upon myself to honor his wishes.I've been at many political funerals and listened to locals standing in groups planning their strategies. God gave people souls, but some don't know to take advantage of that God given gift.


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Ed Jenkins

It definitely is a sign of how hated Crist is in Florida if one of the most respected and long serving politicians wants him no where near his memorial service. It would be best for all of us if the scumbag Crist would just leave the state and not come back. He already contributed to the housing collapse in our state and left us with a massive budget deficit and terrible energy policy. Crist the loser as a Republican and independent is nothing but a political opportunist who will say or do anything for his own interest and that is probably why respected politicians like young despised him.


Republican, the great disguise of many who preach class warfare and exclusionism. The Great tent to many who attempt to hide their bigotry and racists views.


Two-face Crist needs to disappear altogether. Nobody wants or needs this clown.


Dear Ed Jenkins,

The annual budget in Florida is balanced every year by law; there is and never was a budget deficit in Florida. He also did not contribute to the housing collapse in Florida; that was a national phenomena. Pants on Fire!

It is the current crop of GOP politicians that are political opportunists that are destroying the state. With their political slush funds and pay-to-play philosophies. They are allowing Citizens to pursue policies that any private insurance company would have been prosecuted and shut down for. Raising premiums astronomically, forcing policy holders into under-capitalized insurance companies, denying claims,denying wind mitigation discounts, changing the rules to favor insurance companies at the expense of policyholders. Passing legislation to allow health insurance companies to raise premiums at will without state regulation and approval. Making a mess of the Florida Department of Children and Families. Failure to exercise governmental duty to oversee assisted living facilities. This current crop of GOP politicians is taking this state back to the 1850's. They should change the name to South Mississippi.

Kathleen W

Pablo dont hate on Mississippi like that LOL.

I think this is a GOP stunt. What widow in her right mind thinks about this kind of stuff? This is a stunt by the GOP. I am sure they asked her to write this and pushed the issue. A private phone call would have been fine.. This looks so coerced.LMAO

Michelle Hackler

As a liberal Democrat, I never did really like Charlie Christ and his policies while he was governor of Florida, which is why I found that it was particularly disgusting the way the Republican Party of Florida treated Governor Christ just because he did his job and shook the hand of the President of the United States. This is just a continuing example of this disgusting behavior.

Chuck Jones,

As a former candidate for Congress in Tampa 1980, I had the support of a dedicated republican. The message from Bill Young's wife is clear and simple; honor him in death. cj


It would be one thing if the widow Young had privately dispatched (what she claims to be) her late husband's wishes; instead, she decided to publicize her banishments, and in so doing exposed a petty, graceless vindictiveness that would make a middle school mean-girl blush.
No matter. Such pronouncements always reflect more poorly on the sender than the recipient.
Sincerely hope the widow Young finds solace in the grievance, if not the grieving.


I agree with Kathleen W. This was a planned stunt by the GOP. This reflects more badly on the widow and her advisors than Christ. A private message would have been more appropriate---why make it public. Typical GOP politics.


I remember when Senate President Ken Pruitt's son died and Crist crashed the funeral and made it all about him. I don't blame Mrs. Young...My prayers are with you ma'am.

Mill Run

Mrs. Young, sorry he died, hope he had more class than you do.


Liberal democrats are usually phony and disgusting creatures so Im not surprised. They have no class so its good to keep them away from funerals and children.

kevin Wright

The grieving process is difficult even under the best of circumstances. Congressman, STATESMAN, Bill Young leaves a wonderful living legacy, and all Floridians of goodwill miss him already. He leaves us, a Patriot, a Christian, and a humble public servant. It is hard to imagine a better life, and we are better for it. His grieving family has the right, to invite anyone, or not to invite anyone at THEIR services.
I may not be able to attend his Funeral, but I will be on my knees, to pray for the loss of this family, to thank God for the life of Statesman Young, and to pray that God will send Florida more leaders of this quality. I invite every Floridian, at the service or not, to take a knee, be silent, and join me.

Ed Jenkins

It is sad that Crist has is such a lowlife and so despised that he causes this extra effort to be made to keep his political opportunism away from a solemn event like this. As has been mentioned, he is known for crashing funerals to draw attention to himself and do anything to remove the extremely negative opinion that Floridians have of him. In this case it is even worse that he would try to use the death of one of Florida's most respected politicians to try to bring some positive attention to himself. This disgusting man should leave the state and never show his face here for all the he has done to it.

Tally Folly

What a witch. This is precisely what is wrong with the elitist, ugly Republicans in Florida.


Anytime you get a group of politicians together, they are going to talk about politics. I agree, it shouldn't happen at a service like this. But is that what she's really concerned about?

The fact that he named 3 people specifically, it doesn't sound like it really has antyhing to do with people talking political strategies at a memorial service. If they are going to have a public service, it's open to the public. It's obivous that he didn't like these 3 and that's why he didn't want them there.

So just says so intead of making up an excuse, like using this for political gain. I could see banning Crist because he embarrased Young publically. But the only thing the other two did was challenge him for his seat in Congress. Maybe the mud was slung during those races, but that's par for the course these days. That seems a bit childish, he did win those races after all. It's too bad he didn't learn to win gracefully.


Is that any way to treat our future Governor?

Nancy M

This is total BS. You can't tell me the politicians being allowed to go aren't going to talk about who's running for the open seats in the Senate or the House.

Who gave a copy of the email to the papers? I doubt
Crist wouldn't have release it. The email itself is an attempt at having the final word - so who's the one doing the manipulating here


You LIBS are garbage. She can ask to have anyone not come to the Funeral, she is the widow its her and her late Husbands wishes.
The people on here trashing her for it? I hope you get cancer and die


Its really interesting -- this story changes completely depending on who you think released the emails.


Miami Herald - Where is the report abuse button with this GTFOH lunatic wishing people to get cancer and die. Very disturbing to say the least.


Who's disgusting?? I'd say the widow who uses her late husband's funeral as a political statement is good example of disgusting. Note how all those on the "not invited" list are Democrats; sounds political to me. A fitting definition of a black widow.

Eddie Warren

My prayers are with Mrs Young and her family we have truly lost a great politician but most of all a wonderful person. I am a military brat having been raised in a military family and I know how much Sen Young cared for all military. He was truly a patriot. God bless all of you. Bob & Eddie Warren Skyway Trap and Skeet Club.

Malcolm Bramer

I love Beverly. She may be an acquired taste, but there is no more fierce advocate for out enlisted soldiers on this planet.


Obama should not show his face either in due of all the benefits and pay he took away from the troops, on top of drastically reducing their budget!

Linda Martino

If she had done this privately I would not have thought any thing of it. Her business. But her doing it publicly clearly to make political points and make nasty shows how little class she has. But then while she was his secretary, she get pregnant by Bill Young while he was still married (38 years and three children) Not what I call a classy lady. So I say consider her actions now consistent with her past history as a home wrecker. Clearly not a classy lady nor someone I respect. This does not reflect on the three she slammed. It reflects on her. Wonder what her son is like who s thinking of running for his Dad's old office?

burning fat

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