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Carlos Curbelo posts big, $450k cash-haul in race v. U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia


It's probably safe to start calling Carlos Curbelo a frontrunner in the Republican race to unseat Congressman Joe Garcia. The Miami-Dade school board member reported raising slightly more ($450k than the incumbent ($440k) did last quarter.

But there's a difference: Curbelo had an exploratory committee before he officially announced, meaning his cash haul includes a few extra days or even weeks of fundraising.

Also, it's tough to beat an incumbent who won his seat by 10.6 percentage points in the newly drawn District 26, which President Obama won by about 7 points. But then, Democrats and left-leaning voters tend to underperform in mid-term elections.

Here's the press release:

MIAMI – Today School Board Member Carlos Curbelo's Campaign for US Congress announced having raised over $450,000 during the quarter ending September 30th with a cash-on-hand balance of approximately $420,000. The committee received contributions from 429 individuals and none from Washington D.C. based political action committees.*
The committee held its first official event on August 15th and attracted support from mostly Florida residents and many younger voters.
"There's a lot of excitement in the community for our campaign. Washington DC is badly broken and people know Joe Garcia is part of the problem. Today I thank everyone who is standing with me in this effort to offer solutions for the future of our country," said Curbelo.
Curbelo was elected to the School Board of Miami-Dade County in 2010, and was reelected last year without opposition. During Curbelo's time on the Board, Miami-Dade County Public Schools has won accolades for improving student performance while keeping taxes low.
Curbelo is challenging freshman Congressman Joe Garcia whose campaign is under investigation by the FBI and the Miami-Dade State Attorney's office for illegally financing a straw candidate and absentee voter fraud, respectively. Garcia who had been rejected by voters on three occasion prior to the 2012 elections recently made headlines for likening his House colleagues to the Taliban, a terrorist organization responsible for the death of many Americans.
"During his brief tenure in Congress, Joe Garcia has embarrassed our community over and over again despite promising not to while campaigning last year. His unhealthy obsession with elected office has clouded his judgment and hurt our district," said Curbelo.
*All figures unofficial


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Ed Jenkins

Anybody would be better than this extremely corrupt Garcia who has in less than a year been caught in several campaign scandals. It shows that he has no shame that he hasn't resigned yet after all that he has been found to have done.

David Rivera

Ed Jenkins AKA Carlos Curbelo,

Please... Carlos Curbelo has been a Right-wing operative and puppet for nearly ten years. This is a guy who advised Fred Thompson on Hispanic issues, the same Fred Thompson that claimed that Cuban immigrants were going to bring suitcase bombs to Miami!

Carlos Curbelo is the worst kind of candidate, a former operative who will do and say anything to get elected. He's never shown leadership or professional distinction, just a will to help his friends become bureaucrats themselves.


Carlos Curbelo was Jim Greer's (convicted Republican felon in jail) secret aide. He also was Charlie Crist's aide then denied ever knowing him.

Not only is he racist against Hispanics and Cubans to satisfy white supremacists but he wants to shutdown government and take all your benefits. (Curbelo looks black or Indian which is not bad but amazing how he hates his own kind.)

Some rumors say he's Charlie Crist's illegitimate child. Put a picture side by side. Even the ties they wear look the same.

joe blow

curbelo is a lightweight and a sell out.
he hasnt accomplished jack during his brief board tenure besides kiss alberto carvahlos posterior.
he has his head so far up carvahlos butt he cant see the sun shine.
are voters aware curbello is a gambling lobbyist?
that's just what we need! a gambling lobbyist for congress!
that should go over like a lead balloon
the crazy cubans cant be dumn enough to vote for this little weasal


Curbelo . . . No!

Joe Garcia . . . Si!

Dorian Gray

Curbelo is friends with Joe Garcia and they are both illuminati. I'm supporting Joe Martinez he is a true leader. He cut taxes and is a small business man (cologne) down with the illuminati!

fed up

Indio- if wearing similar ties and a picture comparison passed as a paternity test i'd address your other baseless facts but since its apparent there is no truth in your statements why waste my time. What's next? Are you going to request his birth certificate?

As for Curbelo's time with Fred Thompson, please read the article below and let Carlos address it himself. http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/house-races/310469-rep-garcia-challenger-rejects-former-client-fred-thompsons-comments-on-immigration

Ese Tipo

I heard that Curbelo also makes monthly trips to Cuba to give Fidel handjobs, that Garcia flies the plane and that Obama pays for the jetfuel.


Joe Martinez is still the stronger candidate.

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