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Florida's DEO admits ongoing issues with unemployment benefits website

An expensive government website that failed to launch properly, despite years of preparation. Frustrated users who will be penalized if they can't log on in time. Questions about how transparent those responsible for the website are.

No, this isn’t the troubled debut of the HealthCare.gov site that is dominating cable news these days.

It’s Gov. Rick Scott’s roll out of Florida’s new $63 million unemployment benefits website. Launched last week and initially called a success by a Department of Economic Opportunity spokeswoman, it’s becoming increasingly evident that it’s having Obamacare-esque problems of its own.

On Wednesday, the Department of Economic Opportunity, which oversees the state’s processing of claims for an average of 235,000 recipients, issued its most detailed acknowledgment yet that all is not well with the new website.

“Last week, the new system, CONNECT, was launched, and while tens of thousands of claims are being properly processed within the new system, the initial phase of the update has also caused delays for many users,” said an e-mail from the DEO late Wednesday. “DEO sincerely regrets any delays or frustration experienced by claimants and we are working around-the-clock with program experts from (project contractor) Deloitte to fix technical problems as they arise.”

No numbers are kept on just how many people have tried and failed to process their claims, so it’s not clear what to make of the 130,000 people who did submit claims in the past seven days, according to the DEO. Before the launch, the state didn’t process any claims between Oct. 9 and Oct. 14. Since claims are typically processed every two weeks, shouldn’t that number be higher? Officials aren’t providing much context these days, and have done much to confuse the media by not releasing all relevant information.

But on Wednesday, the DEO announced that it is expanding hours this week at the call centers, where they have 250 employees manning the phones for people unable to get through on the web. The DEO is adding 15 hours per week so it will now be operational from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. M-F, and 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays. The call center will also now be working on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The expansion is necessary considering the volume.

DEO Spokeswoman Jessica Sims said that between Tuesday and Saturday of last week, 1,124,350 calls were made to the state’s 1-800 help line. Of those calls, 47,619 were handled by an operator, a rate of about 4.2 percent.

True, some of those calling might have had their questions answered by automated messages in the menu. Or, as Sims pointed out, calls made include “repeat dialing by single caller.”

Lee Phelps of Tampa is one of those repeat dialers. Why does he keep calling back?

Because, he says in an email, he has yet to get his claim for benefits processed on the new website or talk to a human being.

“Today is the fifth day that I have been unable to talk to anyone or even get through the phone line,” Phelps said. “Though once I was put on automated hold for 30 minutes then dropped.”


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Wait did this website cost 63 million?

William J.

When asked Gov. Scott stated, "Everyone is doing a great job now let me talk about the new gas station I will visit that will hire five employees."

judy july

My husband has been trying for over a week now, he has talked to many people. They keep saying "i have fixed your problem check site tomorrow" wELL there has been 8 tomorrows and still no benefits. None have helped because he has not gotten his benefits yet.The deo keeps saying most people have gotten their benefits but thats a lie.Try talking to the people instead of the DEO and the real numbers will come out.


I have been calling for over a week and haven't talked to a real person yet. Both weeks I have to claim benefits for have been screwed up by glitches in the online system. I won't be getting my benefits anytime soon.


I've also been trying for over a week to speak with someone about not receiving my benefits. I've tried calling, the website us useless, I've e-mailed, even called the governors office. Frustrating is hardly a word to convey what this is like.


I got through to a live person after 3 days of trying and am able to claim weeks. However, I am wondering if website issues are delaying adjudication of claims. I filed a claim one month ago, have been claiming weeks and STILL no decision on whether I will receive any benefits.


Having the same issue unable to talk to anyone and the one stops centers have no clue how to fix the issue.


The new system is FUBAR. I've been trying to claim the last two weeks on a Tier 2 claim and file for Tier 3 ever since the new site went live. All of my claims are on hold. I get a ton of excuses for the problems: It's their system, it's my browser, they need info, I was overpaid (HOW CAN I BE OVERPAID WHEN I HAVEN'T BEEN PAID TO BEGIN WITH???) Calling the customer service number is like calling into a radio contest. You call and call and call and keep calling until you are finally placed in the queue to talk to a representative. You can either call them back or stay on hold for an indefinite period of time. When you finally DO get a human, they apologize, say they will investigate the problem and place you on hold - again. When they get back on line, they tell you that the problem is being worked out. In the meantime, while I wait for someone to hire me (I still have to look for work, after all), overdraft charges are beginning to hit my bank account because the money that should have been there 2 weeks ago is still on hold. Seriously, guys?!?!?

D. Ruth

My husband lost his job July 22nd. Initially, we appealed(hearing held Sept 30th) and won. We are owed 11 weeks back due benefits, and were told they would be available 10 days after the hearing, so that is what we told all of our creditors. Well, here it is, the 24th, no money on card, the phone calls to DEO are the biggest waste of time (next to CONNECT), nothing but lies as far as "I will get this issue escalated, I will work on it and call you back, I will have my supervisor call you back...", all LIES, and no money. Electric off today, hiding van in garage from repo guy, and DEO rep tells me "well, if you electric goes off, you can at least get in the van and go to the public library to check on your claim..." Of course, I asked her how we were supposed to do that without money for gas in the van...Don't know where to turn anymore, kids cant come home from school without any electric, and the food we did have will go bad without electric

Ken Ellis

My account was screwed up before the change over as during the two times I was able to get through I could not get agents to understand that I had worked a temporary position for a local private technical school. One agent had no clue and the other could not speak English well enough to understand what I was talking about in the first place. Since the change over I have not been able to talk to a real person at all, so I have a gap of 5 weeks so far, and it will grow to 7 before I can claim weeks again.

What a mess!

wilma salzman

What a mess! The information they sent on understanding the connect form was lacking any real information. I was told that my pin number was no good but by trying to get a new pin number I find that they said I was opening a new claim. After that I was kicked off the system by trying to access the claimform more than 4 times. I have tried to speak to a human at least 200 times. Gov. Scott, forget about opening sports stores and get the money that people need to pay their bills and feed their kids. Wilma


Wow. Now I have lost what little hope I had. Tried to claim weeks on new Connect site on Monday. I was able to claim one week but not able to claim the other week I had available. After over 100 phone calls and over an hour on hold I finally reached a human. She tells me "just try back in two weeks. You're LUCKY you're getting one week!" WHAT?! So I'm LUCKY I am unemployed and barely scraping by on 25% of my previous salary? Are you kidding?! Okay, so when you pick up your check this Friday and they tell you "here's half, ask again in 2 weeks about the other half" are you going to be okay with that? I am supporting a family of 3 (husband is disabled), we are homeless, living in a one-room weekly rental (which is a good thing because it will take them longer to repo the car now), and depending on food pantries to help stretch from one month to another....and now it get's worse.....I will be out in the street by Monday if I don't get paid. Tell me again how lucky I am. Maybe if they put aside some of the $63,000,000 that was spent on this new software to pay the claims while they're working out the kinks.....Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, Deloitte is also responsible for the software upgrade for California where over 300,000 people are waiting to be paid. This does not bode well for those of us waiting in FL.....


Connect DOES NOT WORK. Thanks crack head Gov Scott! Great work!


I too have been trying to call for days now and can't get through to speak with anyone. My benefits have not been paid, this system stinks!


I hate this new system it says i have weeks available to file but there is no link to get to. When the CONNECT system opened it only let me get one week when i had two to file for. Cant get thru on the 800 number. Gov.Rick Scott u suck!!!!


I have never encounter such rude people! I tired Deloitte after two weeks of trying to get through on the English line. Work Force One is of no help and I have no idea how I will claim the month of October. We wonder why technology is gumming up the works it's because it hinders personal communication and allows employees to be rude and even refuse to give a name. The rocket scientist I spoke with at Deoitte did not know if the company was the software installer and would not acknowledge my issues and was down right nasty as was Work Force One where the woman refused her name and kept transferring me to yet another voice mail. Then we have Katie "bimbo" Couric yapping about not buying knock offs due to the ramifications. Easy for her to say she can afford anything.


Great post Taylor! lol Keep outsourcing our jobs for less pay trying to force us to learn to live in poverty. After two weeks on hold for 40 minutes. Went to Work Force One three times and was treated like dirt, it's not just the phones.


I was to claim weeks on Oct 17 ... despite two trips to the local office and numerous attempts via phone (with no answer - "high volume, call back later"), I still can not submit my bi-weekly claim for benefits. I receive numerous messages including "submit new claim; need to complete assessment; need to set up resume". All of which are not correct since I've been claiming benefits for all of 2013 and all these things have been completed months ago. No one at the local office can tell you anything other than keep trying to call these phone numbers. When I do get thru on the phone to the automated system and enter SS# - one time it will say they can not locate my records and then if you call back again, it tells you that benefits are available and gives amount. TOTALLY FRUSTRATING!!!!!


The same problem I am having it has been over a month without any money coming in it went to adjudication finally I was approved which I knew I would because of our fine state of Florida right to work state empowers our employers to terminate us for no reason. I now have been disqualified for the month due to not being able to upload my resume on the work registration in a timely manor due to not being able to do so. I am now at 46 living at my parents house with my 4 kids and wife which I thank God that I have.I have also called everyday not with 1 phone but 2 at a time to try to get through only to get the same recording the 1 time I got through was treated like a ignorant dog that was stupid telling nothing we can you didn't complete your workforce reg in time what a crock!!!!! I couldn't log in! I am so fed up with our system I have emailed Rick Scott called the local news station and will everyday until I get some results I suggest you do the same! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!!!!!!!!You are not just hurting me it's my family and I will fight to the death for them! If you think I'm going to just lay down you have another thing coming!

William Harmon

I was told that my claim has not yet to be assigned to someone for a determination. I filed 6 weeks ago...


I emailed the DEO and have been emailing back and forth now over 25 times with no solution. I applied 2 months ago. The clerk I am emailing told me I didn't get paid because their system has me listed as a school employee. I have never worked at a school in my life! I think the person I am emailing is trying to help me; but truth be told I don't think he knows how to help. He keeps emailing me back with stupid questions that are not even relevant to what I need: For example in the last email he asked me if I was communicating from a mobile phone. The email was about getting a questionaire sent to me before my time to appeal runs out! I also have called the 800 line and the local workforce office with frustrating results!


Well, at least I know I'm not the only one going through this nightmare. I too filed almost six weeks ago and have still not been approved. I've called over 40 times and have never gotten through.

I have three weeks showing as "disqualified" and two weeks showing as "hold"....

I have no idea how I am going to pay rent and other pending bills....


I filed my claim September 12th, the day I lost my job. I received my letter stating that I was approved and would be receiving $275 a week (a quarter of what I was making!). On the same day I received a letter saying I was disqualified because I didn't complete my workforce application and I would have to appeal the decision. Both letters were printed and mailed the same day, and I received them when I got home, after hours for the old system and as luck would have it~the night before the system went down so I had a week delay. In the meantime I called workforce who stated that my application was complete and it was a computer mistake (the OLD system).

And now the new system~63 million dollars? Are you kidding me right now? And now they say that the government furloughed workers may have already been paid while I come in everyday and pray that my lights and water will still be on?
I sent this email to the governor yesterday:

Governor Scott:

I lost my job on the 12th of September of this year and I filed for unemployment that day. I have now waited six weeks and not received a single dime. My utility bills are all coming due and my mother had to pay my rent for me this month. This is absolutely unacceptable.

As if the wait for unemployment benefits wasn't already bad enough those of us who are trying to obtain assistance are now forced to do so through a new computer system that has been, at best, completely useless since day 1. I applied way before the site was down for a week to change over to Connect (which is another waste of money we can address later, I mean seriously~who continues a business deal with a company that already has questionable skills in the area you are hiring them to work on and then allows them to go two years past schedule and 6 million dollars over budget?) and still my claim has not been processed. In the 9 days I have been calling since the Connect program began I have yet to talk to anyone because there are computer problems, according to the recording that I get no matter which option I chose, right before it disconnects the call. When I called the local office I was told they would fax my name and phone number to Tallahassee because they had no access to the system either. Of course I haven't received a call from Tallahassee a week later.

I don't want to hear any more nonsense like "The system should become more stable as we daily progress as changes/fixes are being moved into production on a regular basis," or any of the other ridiculous excuses for this delay that we are being fed because Duke Energy and the water company sure aren't going to accept them when I cant pay my bills.

Maybe the officials who think this "little inconvenience" is no big deal should live on the promise of $275 a week like the rest of us with no other resources. Notice I said promise...they don't get paid until all of us who applied ahead of them get paid.

While you sit up there in your ivory tower the rest of us working middle class are struggling to feed our children and not lose what little we have. And now the holidays are approaching and who knows how in debt I will end up by then and if there will even be Christmas this year. I would appreciate it if you could come to my home and explain to my 13 year old son why there is no Christmas because of a little glitch in a brand new $63,000,000 computer system.

I want to know what you plan to do to help the residents of Florida, the ones who voted you into office and now cant get any assistance when we need it so desperately. I want to know why those of us who work hard and pay our taxes cant seem to get those tax dollars to work for us.

Katherine Xxxxxxx


I have weeks to claim, attempting to do so on the 16th, the system said I needed to restart a claim process! Really?? I have tried numerous times every day to call, "our lines are busy please call back". How are we suppose to pay our bills? Tell them they have to wait??? Doesn't work that way. So irritated with this!! Should have stayed with the old system, if it isn't broke, don't fix it!


Same boat with everybody else. I've been getting my claims processed with no issues since August. I logged on Tuesday to process this week and I'm told that my claim was shut and reopened and I can claim at the END of Novemeber. This isn't good at all.


I lost my job over a year and a half ago as a Lead Manufacturers Representative, I am now on a Tier II benefit program with about $2,100 remaining in the program, have not been paid since 9/28, Unable to Claim new weeks in the new system!

I am Frustrated beyond HELL! So for all you like me in Limbo with bills to pay etc. Here you go ..
No guarantees you'll get a response but, here is an Internal Fax Number!!! Address your Facsimile letter to:
FAX ONLY PHONE # 877-934-1504!!!
Good Luck! Maybe you will get a response one day,one week, one month,one year,Who knows? Maybe Never!
Don't give up your claim in Frustration!
This way our "wonderful" Governor can claim he has cut Unemployment in his state significantly. (Not by adding jobs but by people getting frustrated and just giving up and walking away)
THE SYSTEM IS BROKE PEOPLE !! NOBODY CARES!!! Don't Give Up and don't take No Stuff from Nobody!


This is truly unacceptable what they are doing to people on unemployment My sister lives in California and she has not received a check in 12 weeks wow and now Florida which is where we claim wondering is it going to be 12 weeks in Florida too. they don't care about us or if we have bills to paid cause as long as they get paid everything is good maybe somebody like are Gov Rick Scott would put his attention to his new software system
but he also has money therefore he doesn't care. We all need to call his line and remind him we be voting soon again and I'm not voting for him.


Well to start off i've been on hold with "customer svc" for more than two hours. Its been more than 3 weeks since i don't receive my unemployment money. This $63 mil website the worst spent money i've ever seen. All they try to do is make things harder for actual hardworking citizens of this country. Good job gov Rick Scott, doubt we'll ever see u as a governer.!!!!..say goodbye to your throne....


This whole system is truly a mess. From getting error messages all week last week to now stating I need to open a new claim but when I do it says not qualified. When I finally get to speak to someone after dialing at least 20 times a day and being on hold for 45 minutes only to have the call drop I'm told to ignore that message and the problem is being worked on, that I do not need to open a new claim. It's now been the end of the second week and still no check.

I'm not one to depend on the government but I have been actively searching for a new job for over 2 years now and have actually taken a retail job to at least pay my phone bill. This is a person who is highly educated and have several years of work experience. I often ask myself if the governor even cares what is happening and is maybe doing this on purpose so the unemployed do not get benefits. I've seen people postings on several discussion boards on how we should get up off our lazy ass and get to work. Well guess what, many of us were making a decent living before but when you've been layed off twice in your career it's very difficult and takes time to get back on your feet.

I haven't seen or heard anything about this issue in the news. I wonder why local stations are not covering this. This company needs to be exposed. Someone is getting perks under the table. No one is that stupid to hire the same company to do a project that has had major issues in the past. Although the money is a very small amount, a lot of us are down to our last penny and NEED this money. I have lost sleep and have gotten sick over this but what do you do. I encourage everyone on here though to just have HOPE. Things will get better.


This is the worst. My claim was put in right before the new system went up. It has now been in adjudication for over a month. Finally when I did get through after hours and hours of calling I was told my case has not even been assign to anyone for a determination. I was let go almost 7 weeks ago. They have no answer to give as to when someone is going to get to it. How come I lose my job for work performance far superior to that of these people who are dealing with this. I am complaining to Washington now about Rick Scott and his triumphant system. I suggest others do immediately.

Samantha Kirk

It's nice to know I'm not the only one! I called 30 times in one day just to be on hold for 45 mins and then talk to a real person for 10! I guess I should consider myself lucky that I got through at all...

Shelly V.

I have been trying to call for two weeks now with no luck. I was denied benefits I was already approved for because of a computer glitch, yet no one will answer my calls. Money is almost out. Someone better be listening.


Well, I got up this morning and set out to enter my last 2 weeks of job search information.HA,HA,HA Unbelievable!!! Connect would not let me enter the information saying I needed to enter the address which I had already entered. After several attempts I call our One Stop Career Center. While the woman was attempting to be helpful and tried many different things she finally gave up. Of course all contact numbers full up and can't get thru. I have 4 or 5. I have emailed several different depts. in the system and hope they get tired of hearing from me. I don't know how long I have to file the claim info but am getting to the point where I just don't want to care but have to keep trying cause I have bills to pay. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ONE WORD OUT OF TRICKY RICKY SCOTT'S MOUTH ABOUT OBOMACARE. THIS IS JUST AS MUCH OF A FIASCO AS ANY I'VE EVER SEEN. I'm thinking a petition drive? to make sure we get paid? These are not our mistakes. Maybe the phone calls should go to the governors office instead of EOD. Matter of fact I'm doing that right now. Good luck people. We have to pull together on this.


Can comeone start a petition or something. I have been trying to get someone for 3 weeks, when I fianlly did get someone she ended up hanging up on me. After sending an e-mail, I all of a sudden had 2 weeks to claim. I get up this morning only to find out the set of weeks that I already claimed on Friday are back up again to be claimed and once I clicked on the date the first set of questions show already answered but the next button is gray and cant be pressed. I believe this is all some type of conspiracy. They dont want to pay us Bottom Line!!


It takes at least 50 calls in hopes of getting put on hold for 30 to 60 minutes. I have never needed benefits before. I retired from the Marines after 21 years and had a great job after my time in the Marine Corps. I got divorced and due to Florida's Alimony laws more than 100% of my military pay was awarded to my ex. Yet, I have to claim it on my unemployment application because I have to give it to her after I receive it. I applied 3 mos ago for unemployment and was told they didn't care where the retirement pay went and I was in adjudication because of this pay I disburse to my ex. All I get is call back in two weeks after every two weeks of submitting claims. I am under the impression this is all a policy to ensure unemployment numbers stay low, and minimal payout is issued. It's a joke.

Tash S

I honestly want to cry. I am trying to apply for unemployment. I have always worked hard. I have been applying jobs since last Wednesday when I was fired. I try and try to apply for unemployment benefits but I can't get pass the PDF section. Which is the very last part. I don't understand why. I try to call the help line and I keep getting hanged up on. I am close to freak out. I have bills to pay. I was fired over something silly. I don't want to default on all my bills. I am one year out of college and I have a good credit score. I don't understand why the government is never there to help me when I really need it.


I am in the same boat as one of the earlier posts. I submitted my claim a week before the new system went into place. I filled out all the required information and the system confirms it all. But nothing is moving on the actual adjudication. I finally got through this morning after a week of constantly calling and a 1hr hold time. I was told that nobody has been assigned the claim. The rep said they would "send a request for an email to be sent to the adjudication department". The reps are not allowed to send the emails themselves. I was then told to keep submitting my weeks and if nothing happens in two more weeks, call back. Then they submit another request for an email. If nothing happens after two more weeks, then I call back again. Then a third request is sent from a supervisor. I was not told what happens after that.

But I was told that my only contact point is that 800 number that is always busy and just tells me to call back. I am not allowed to contact the adjudication department. I am not allowed to speak to a supervisor.

There is no recourse for us. The new system and policies have basically tied our hands and made receiving unemployment nearly impossible.

If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would think this was all intentional on the part of Gov. Scott in his misguided belief that people on unemployment are just lazy and that the lack of "free money" will somehow get people working.

This is just another sad example of how disconnected our elected officials are from the struggles of the everyday worker. The ever growing void between the government and the people are beginning to mirror the 15th Century Feudal System of old England. The only difference is that Gov. Scott is not nobility...though I believe he thinks he is.


I am furious! This new system is a total fail ! I am suppose to be on a TIER 3 extension my last extension for my claim and they did not renew it for me. They said they dont know why it didnt go through.. blah blah blah.. I cant speak with a supervisor because their is nothing they can do about it anyways. Wow really? I have got all types of different answers.. to check back tommarow it will be updated.. to Im sorry but i cant do nothing.. to i will put the weeks right now.. check back in two hours.. really im livid at this point!


Have been trying for 2 weeks to just fill out the application!!!! When I get to the reason for being fired page and choose reasons not mentioned above button and hit next, the placeholder where I should be able to put the reason does not work and therefore cannot go any further. No other reasons apply on the previous page so I am sitting in limbo. When I do finally get a person on the phone(on hold for 2.5 hours), all I get is that someone will call me when the issue is fixed! 2 weeks in waiting for that call and have yet to receive it. Bill collectors are calling though.


Simply go back to the old system.We got ripped off to the tune of 63 million dollars. Thanks Rick (lets Get To Work)Scott.


All you folks trying to get unemployment benefits go on the DEOs Facebook page and sound off like I did. Im sick of the bureaucratic fumblers who cant even develope a website after years and 65mil. I went to facebook and sounded off do the same maybe the pressure will help if its in the public eye instead some obsure page on the net. bill with many bills to pay..


I felt like I did something wrong when I switched over. Now I'm going on a month without benefits. Seems like the government needs to stop creating websites and put this money into creating work.
Are they going to pay us back for the missed weeks?


Going on 3 weeks no benefits. Rent due this month, I mean I can hold my landlord off for a month but what happens if I need more time..ugh. My car payment is due and I don't know what to think anymore. I really don't HELP.


My claim has been on hold for 3 weeks. I received a letter saying how much was remaining in my claim. Now the system says that it is on hold, and there is no prompt at all to claim weeks. This is heartbreaking. They want us to believe in a system that will just allow us to starve. They don't want us to sell drugs, or commit crimes... but they want us to sit back and just be okay with not being able to pay our rent.


I filed my claim on 10/06, took my skills test, uploaded my résumé and logged all the companies I applied. The first 2 weeks show disqualified because they have not assigned it to anyone. I called multiple times to be told I had to wait 4-6 weeks for the assignment. It shows no pending issues and status of determination eligible. I claimed my weeks and up pops issues pending when I submit. I called waited the eta of 40 minutes to be told it was in adjudification and someone may or may not contact me. I asked for a time line and was told it is indefinate. In no business is that an acceptable answer. I asked the information on where to file a grievance and was told I could not. I am a single mother who has worked over 20 years never filing for unemployment. Now I need it and can't seem to get it for no reason. This is an atrocity. Now I have to fight my own government for what I have paid for all my life?


it cost 63 millions that site? well its worth a penny since its good for nothing. I'm 42y old and never had to claimed unemployment in my life till now. I sent my claims on October 1st today its November 4th and when i log in it says its been processed. that's all. no money no nothing just a sign "your claim its been processed".
I called 4 to 5 times per day and an automated system saying "high volume of calls, call again later" and then dropped my call. so 4 weeks claim and no money. Today i spent the last dollar i had in air for my tire. We should all rally and vote to eliminate the unemployment tax since its a scam. They collect it instantly but when its time to pay they take ages

Joan Emerald

It is so sad that people that were born in this country are being treated like this.

I talked to unemployment tonight, or whatever title it has given itself, and it was such a waste of time. My claim lies in the hands of the mysterious and unreachable adjudication team. Like cloistered nuns, they are kept in secret where we cannot speak to them. We can only call and talk to people that can't do anything to help us. Oh, they will send an email to the secreted team once you have submitted four weeks of claims, but only if you ask. Well, I did call 50 times and couldn't get through -- does that count for anything? I was told to call the local churches for help. Wow! I happen to have worked for one of the local churches and they are not handing out rent money, I can tell you that.

I submitted my claim seven weeks ago and I have no hope that I will be receiving any money any time soon. Guess I will be telling me landlord I can't pay my rent this week. What's crazy is that I got a great new job and two weeks into it my boss told me I wasn't learning fast enough. Anybody other there who has mastered a job in two weeks?

Thoroughly Disgusted

I remain baffled why the government spends so much money to "fix" something that was not broken, to the tune of 63 million. The ones who created this non working program got big bucks, screwed it up, and remain employed. Now that's funny right there especially when there are so many out of work that could probably do a much better job. My daughters case is so messed up I don't think it can be fixed. Funny how if the person filing puts in wrong information you can get charged with a felony, yet when their system takes the information and disseminates it incorrectly IT"PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE. Rick Scott needs to get a felony charge for each time the system screws up a claimants file!


Still cannot login to claim weeks. Anyone still having issues?


Yes, I'm not able to log on neither!!!! I've called about 15 times already this morning but due to high call volume "call back later". This is absolutely ridiculous, if we don't claim our weeks when they are due we get penalized, but oh hold on if the system doesn't work we still get penalized. This is for the birds, they need to find a different solution or give us different options besides the phone lines that are constantly busy and the internet that's constantly down. I do feel sorry for the customer service employees there because they feel the frustration from all of us and it's not their fault maybe someone needs to let Mr. Rick Scott and all the other Hot Shots that are sitting nice and cozy feel what the average person is going through because of their "GREAT MONEY SAVING IDEAS"

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