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From Key West to Miami, Rep. Garcia and district at center of Cuba clashes, changes


San carlosCongressman Joe Garcia had to choose between two worlds.

At one end of Garcia’s district, an ally persuaded fellow Key West city commissioners to unanimously pass a resolution inviting Cuban diplomats to the San Carlos Institute — a Duval Street landmark steeped in Cuban history, as well as tensions between exiles and the Castro regime.

The Key West resolution was met with outrage by some near the northern end of Garcia’s district, in Miami-Dade. His two Miami Cuban-American colleagues and another House member penned a letter that urged the U.S. State Department to block the diplomats’ Sunday visit from Washington.

Garcia didn’t sign.

The diplomats canceled amid the controversy.

But questions now linger about Garcia’s exile bona fides and, more broadly, the direction of U.S.-Cuba policy amid South Florida’s shifting politics and demographics.

The San Carlos controversy marked the second time in as many weeks that Garcia ostensibly distanced himself from the rest of the Cuban-American delegation. Last Monday, the Miami Herald reported, Garcia became the only delegation member to help advocate for U.S. trials of a diabetes treatment developed by a Cuban regime institute.

“Joe Garcia is at a crossroads. We’re at a crossroads,” said Rafael Peñalver, an exile leader who heads the San Carlos Institute and led opposition to the Cuban diplomats’ visit.

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Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/13/v-fullstory/3688214/rep-joe-garcia-district-are-at.html#storylink=cpy


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Ed Jenkins

This corrupt individual would do us all a favor if he would resign after all of the election scandals and illegal activity he was involved with that is being investigated by the FBI. He is trying to distract from his scandals and pending indictments by proposing outrageous ideas that his district residents disagree with.


Remember politicians are all bad but David Tivera was and is a bigger crook. When is David Rivera going to jail?

Don't vote for another David Rivera Republican

Miami-Dade police is investigating, but given how the entire South Florida criminal justice system conspired to let Rivera off the hook last year, don't expect much from that corrupt crowd. On the other hand, the FBI is on the case, and that spells serious trouble for Rivera. (Not to mention, they're already investigating him on a separate matter, so three investigations in two years.)

Rivera decided to do his impression of the world's worst criminal because he feared Joe Garcia more than he feared possible jail time.


Joe Martinez for District 26 can't wait!!!


American political policy towards Cuba should be dictated by what's best for Americans not what's best for the exiled community in Miami they need to remember their now Americans. Comparatively speaking Mr. Garcia is a babe in the woods compared to Republican crooks.

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