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I'll see your Bill Clinton and raise you one Richard Branson


An eclectic billionaire and a popular former president have respectively lent their support to an entertainer and a previously little-known millionaire in the race to become Miami Beach's next mayor.

The latest: Virgin Group CEO and private space explorer Sir Richard Branson announced he would be “very interested in sponsoring” candidate Steve Berke’s idea to string gondolas across Biscayne Bay, according to the Berke campaign.

The announcement comes a day after former President Bill Clinton endorsed millionaire mayoral candidate Philip Levine, according to the Levine campaign.

Neither endorsement could be independently verified by the Miami Herald.

Berke, who says he is the subject of an MTV2 documentary about of his run for office, calls his idea the SkyLink. It would be the “world’s longest urban cable car system,” running from the mainland to Miami Beach, according to the Berke campaign. It would alleviate traffic and become a “bucket-list” tourist attraction, Berke has said.

“Our customers fly into Miami International Airport every day and I think SkyLink is a breathtaking public transportation solution they’d all enjoy,” Branson said, according to a campaign press release. Therefore, I’d be very interested in sponsoring the SkyLink as a public-private partnership.”

Miami Beach voters go to the polls Nov. 5. Also running, Michael Góngora, who says he has the support of another billionaire, this one much closer to home: Norman Braman.


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It's Miami and no one cares



Correction Pres Bill Clinton did endorse Philip Levine, did you see the pictures? If you need a picture as proof or the comment of the over 40 people in attendance many of us would be happy to accommodate you.

It's a shame you would belittle this testimonial with hearsay from the other candidate.


Bill Clinton's endorsement of Philip Levine is posted on YouTube. Seems the world knows what's happening in Miami Beach more than the Herald.

Ford Banister

Has this guy ever really had a JOB? Sure he was on a TV show ten years ago and more than that went to pretty good college and was a tennis player... But what has he been doing the past ten years other than telling a few bad jokes, making an *ss of himself getting kicked off a Comedy Central show, being dumped for someone who is famous somewhere other than his own mind and dropping names like their hot? What you have here is a shamelessly self-promoting trust fund baby who has never really done much of anything. maybe there aren't many choices in Miami Beach but choose someone who has some practical skills. You think the attorneys and CPA's on the commission who actually wake up and go to work in the morning are going to take this guy seriously? Why should anyone?


Wow. Jealous much there Ford? It's almost like you used to be the face of marijuana legalization in south florida and then someone came along and stole your thunder...


President Obama on Oct.8, 2013:

"What is also true is that all of us should bind ourselves to some rules that say the people who vote for us should be more important than somebody who's spending a million dollars, $10 million or a hundred million dollars to help us get elected, because we don't know what their agendas are. We don't know what their interests are."

Philip Levine raised a million dollars getting Clinton elected... now it's time for Clinton's payback. It's a sad day for Clinton supporters.

Levine loves to say 'You can't take the king's shilling and not become the king's man.' So I guess he doesn't care about the ethics of that as long as LEVINE is playing the King. I'm just sad my former president feels he is Levine's 'man.'


"The face of marijuana legalization in south florida?" haha Such great aspirations one would have jaja.

Typical cowardly anonymous post. Defecate then run.

I was invited to Miami Beach to run an initiative a few years ago. Steve Berke never gathered a signature, donated a dollar or did anything to help. His only communications with the campaign were to complain that his name had not be included in a press release and to offer to make a small donation if he could take over the campaign. Not everyone thinks about self promotion or would consider advocating the legalization of marijuana as a means to achieve it.

Ad hominem aside, the air leaves it clear. There is no resume.

I had an awesome stay in Miami Beach for five months. Cheers! : )

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