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Jackson Health System to step up bond campaign


Officials for Jackson Health System vowed this week to step up the campaign to persuade Miami-Dade voters to vote ‘Yes’ in November on an $830 million upgrade for the county’s public hospital system to be financed by a property tax hike.

Darryl Sharpton, chairman of the Public Health Trust that runs Jackson, told Miami-Dade commissioners on Thursday that the campaign was gearing up for a big launch.

“In the next couple of days, that ramp up should be very obvious,” Sharpton said, though he did not give details.

The campaign’s fundraising committee, Citizens for a Healthy Miami-Dade, has raised more than $1 million since July.

Separately, Jackson’s employee unions also are supporting campaign, spending their own money to have airplanes pull banners urging football fans at Sun Life Stadium for Saturday’s University of Miami Hurricanes football game and Sunday’s Miami Dolphins game to “Vote Yes.’’

“We’re starting our campaign,” Martha Baker, president of SEIU Local 1991, which represents Jackson’s nurses and other healthcare professionals, told commissioners.



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Karl Jaehnke

When will the taxpayers of Miami-
Dade wake up? If people vote this in, they are crazy! The Public Health Trust already bilks $320 million a year from the tax payers. When will the people wake up? If this bond passes, it will be way over 1 Billion, with a B. How do you substantiate giving this machine $830 Million who performs at below the state standards on quality (this is public information on the CMS website)performance be allowed more of the tax payers money to squander? Norman Braman, we need you now!!!

Mia Lorentz

Sounds like Martha Baker and the crooks at Jackson who "hide in the system until they retire" want to make sure they collect what they think is owed them by the taxpayers and live well on their state pensions while people who pick up this tab are struggling.

Cindy Wilson

Folks, better get to the polls and vote "NO" on this one. Remember what the politicians did to us on the baseball stadium? This is a fleecing of Dade County property tax payers!

Patrick Keen

Sounds like BIG UNION MONEY and they want more, more, more. Got my nice glossy printed piece in the mail today urging me to vote for this...but they did not even mention how this is going to impact the Dade county tax payer!! They did not even put an amount on it how much we're being fleeced for. With the amount of money spent on advertising, airplanes to fly over stadiums, don't you think they should not be allowed to advertise? All the money they squander on advertising could go for patient care. Why give them more?


"All the money" spent on advertising would not fund patient care for one day at JMH. JMH sees fewer and fewer insured patients resulting in less revenue generated.
This is the place you want to go if you have a life-threatening illness or a devastating trauma, and you are voting to make it a worse place if you vote no. The bond is NOT to fund pensions. Read the propposals. It is to update the system and modernize equipment. YOu can complain all you want about it now, but refusal to support this will be a self-fulfilling prophecy for those that say, "JMH performs sub-"state defined " care. And you will smirk at that point by saying, "gee, they are still underperforming. I am glad I didn't support them." This will not cost you individually much money. It will however improve healthcare for EVERYONe that uses the JMH system, which will include you and your children or parents if something bad werre to happen to you.

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