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Kendall crowd says no to 'Diaz-Balart Elementary'


A proposal to rename a Kendall school after a former Miami-Dade congressman apparently didn’t go over well Wednesday night.

A crowd of close to 200 at Kendale Elementary, 10693 SW 93rd St., rejected the proposed renaming. Parent Ofi Blandon said they preferred the school’s current name to "Diaz-Balart Elementary."

“Everybody was like what? Diaz-Balart? No way,” she said. “They chose the wrong school.”

According to School Board Member Carlos Curbelo, who represents the school and attended the meeting, the Diaz-Balart referred to was Lincoln Diaz-Balart, who served 18 years in the U.S. House of Representatives before stepping down in 2010. But Curbelo, who once worked for Diaz-Balart, said parents’ opposition wasn’t to naming the school after the former congressman.

 “Their opposition was to any name change,” Curbelo said, adding that "eventually, it certainly makes sense to have a school named after him.”

Curbelo said the renaming proposal, made in a letter by a Kendall resident, is now moot. Attempts to reach Diaz-Balart Thursday by email and through a message left with his son were unsuccessful.


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Ese Curbelo es un fresco en las escuelas y dicen que Diaz-Balart tiene una casa en Cuba y trafica con los comunistas de Fidel.

Rodney Frank

What do this brownnoser Curbelo thinks he's trying to accomplish with that?
No, we don't want to change the school name to any name, and especially not that name. Enough of corrupt politicians in South Florida!

Mister Hall

I'm sorry I missed the meeting. The proposal got the BIG "Thumbs Down"!

The community spoke.

That's how things get done the RIGHT way!

Kendall Family YOU ROCK! Glad to be a part of it!


I don't think so Osborne!
Not here at Kendale.

T Brockland

Naming a charter school after him might be a better option. Schools should be named after the community or at the least a historic figure that has past on or maybe a president. Naming a school after an active political family is just free political advertisement.

Tena Crider

I feel so proud of our Kendale fam for coming together and getting this stopped. When Ofi Blandon talks, people listen. Great job Kendale!!!


According to a recent Herald article Curbelo has ambitions to run for Congress in 2014. His move to rename a school for a former Congressman was a stunt to promote himself instead of performing his duties as school board representative. It's a small scale example of why our schools are lacking priorities for our children and why our government is not functioning. The norm is stupid posturing, time-wasting stunts, and self-promotion with no regard to working with others, listening to the voters, or getting the job done. Thank-you Kendale residents for pushing back against this nonsense.

Can't take anymore

Please name a few things the Diaz-Blowhard brothers did for the education of children in the state legislature or while in Congress. These boys have never been more than hustlers and self-promoters in the pockets of big money interests and the radical rightwingers. It would be far more appropriate to name a sewage sprayfield or a landfill after them.


Curbelo, here's a notion for you: SERVE your community and not the politicians and maybe we will vote for you. As for all the mailers that you will litter us with, paid for by Genting money, we plan to line the canary cage floor with those. This was a stupid stunt on your part. Where the hell was your campaign manager when you thought up this scheme?


My four children were fortunate enough to attend this first class school. They all received the utmost in academic excellence but also taught about how to get along in this world. I worked at the school as a volunteer for many years and observed this schools dedication to each and every student. Changing the name of this school is both ludicrous and disrespectful to the Kendall community. Thankyou all that attended the meeting. Your voices were heard loud and clear.


It is quite disheartening for those that truly care about our children and the future of this country when we see politicians scheming to waste tax payer's money on something so ludicrous. At a time when schools are having to let go of the much needed help of staff and faculty that oftentimes work to assist special need students, how can "our representatives" justify spending all this money on a name change. Sadly, Kendale will not be the last target, because as the article states Curbelo said that "eventually, it certainly makes sense to have a school named after him". No, it makes no sense to do this; if you have the money for a name change please give it back to the schools and ask parents and teacher to tell you what they actually do need. Furthermore, please do not go and target another school where for various criical reasons you will not find a community standing together to say "NO".


Was Diaz-Balart an alumni of this school? Was he a benefactor? Has he even ever stepped foot in Kendale Elementary? NO, NO and NO. Imagine the cost involved in changing the name? New signs and paint, new stationary, redesigning the website, logos and the cost of new uniforms for all the students. Money better spent on more important things.
Kendale has an incredible reputation, won tons of awards and recognition, and the teachers and staff are supreme. Replacing the name to any other name would be shameful. We are Kendale proud and as tigers we will fight for our pride!

A Facebook User

Good work, Kendale folks! It could've been worse. During the 80's the school board members were naming schools for themselves without shame.

I asked why they wouldn't prefer people who live on in blessed memory for generations, such as Anne Frank, Albert Einstein, Harriet Tubman. Of course they ignored the suggestion.


No need for that. Name a new school after his dad. He deserves it. Curbelo is brown nousing because he wants to run for Washington. THAT IS THE LAST THING WE NEED!!!!

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