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Legislators hear plea to fix troubled child welfare agency

Speaker after speaker told Miami-Dade’s legislative delegation Monday that fixing Florida’s broken child welfare system requires more resources and better training for those on the frontlines. They asked lawmakers to do something.

In a two-hour meeting headed by Rep. Jose F. Diaz, vice chairman of the delegation, legislators were told more money is needed to create a stronger safety net for children facing risks — even if it means tapping the state’s budget surplus.

“I would like to put this back on you — this is about funding,’’ said Walter Lambert, the chief doctor of Miami’s Child Protection Team, who made a similar plea at a meeting in Broward last month.

The Department of Children & Families has had at least 20 children die while on its radar since the spring — a number that has placed the agency under intense public scrutiny. More here.



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Can't take anymore

The Legislature will just keep chanting JEB!'s motto of "privatize, privatize, and more privatize" for DCF. Like him, they will swallow the kool-aid that the "unseen hand" of the market will solve all government problems. I guess it doesn't matter what happens to the kids because they have seen no benefits or additional protection under this scam.

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