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Little-known FL Dem announces CFO campaign in dark of night


It's 10:13 p.m., do you know who your Democratic CFO candidate is? Well, just wait 60 seconds, then.

At 10:14 p.m., the oddest of all times for a political announcement, businessman William Rankin announced he'd challenge state Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater.

A retired vet, businessman and former Ohio state treasury official, Rankin has a good bio on paper. So maybe the dark-of-night-campaign announcement forshadows a dark-horse campaign.

But already you have to wonder about the success of a campaign against a seasoned and well-funded pol like Atwater. Still, compared to the last Democrat running for the office, Allie Braswell, Rankin doesn't look as if he'll embarrass the party.

Here's the press release:

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Retired US Army Veteran and businessman William Rankin announced today he is running for the Democratic nomination for Florida’s Chief Financial Officer.

Rankin is the former Director of Asset Management for the Ohio State Treasury, former Director of Florida’s statewide 2000 Census operation, and a former Outreach Director for the U.S. Congressional 2000 Census Oversight Board.

William Rankin said, “I am excited to join the race for CFO. This campaign is about us, the people of Florida, and bringing the voice of the people back to Tallahassee.  We must promote ideas and actions that benefit our economy and restore public trust in our government. This campaign is about what we can do together to bring political balance, compassion, and common sense to the state capital.”

“I believe in my fellow hardworking Floridians.  We deserve a breath of fresh air and a fair minded state leader who will look out for every Floridian.  I will bring to Tallahassee new vision and leadership that promotes fairness and prosperity for the people of the state,” added Rankin.

Rankin, 53, the father of two grown children, is originally from the Midwest.  Rankin fell in love with Florida when he came to join the state’s 2000 Census efforts, and has been a resident every since.  Rankin’s humble background enables him to understand the everyday struggles of fellow Floridians.  These challenges include economic opportunities, stable job environment, competitive public education, affordable and accessible health care and housing in the state.

At the Ohio’s State Treasury, Rankin was responsible for the accountability and safe keeping of Ohio’s over $120 billion public trust and public retirement funds.  In that position, Rankin used his professional experience and creativity to restructure and streamline operations.  Rankin implemented new technologies, improved employee efficiencies, and reduced costs to the state. As CFO, Rankin plans to do the same at Florida’s Department of Financial Services and at the State Board of Administration (SBA).

As a Special Agent for the Army, Rankin specialized in economic fraud criminal investigations.  In that role he also performed Crime Prevention Analysis on government agencies to reduce and deter fraud, waste, abuse and theft.  He also implemented innovative policies and procedures in those agencies, and again, he plans to do the same for Florida as CFO.

During the course of his campaign, Rankin, who holds a degree in Business Administration and Economics, promises to address important issues that affect every Floridian such as full implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) and insurance reform to name a few.


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Randall McMurphy

He can't be any worse than someone who's a career politician and fills vacancies by hiring non-qualified persons who worked on his campaign.

Who is this guy?

Was the release sent by him alone or by the Florida Democrat Party?

Broward Dem

He told me he was running at a picnic on Labor Day, so all this dead of night crap, well maybe you are not always the first to know Caputo...

Richard Paul Dembinsky

Welcome To Florida we have been suffering with deteriorating government since 1978; the Ohio model will not work in a State determined to be Florida Florida Florida as we secured the phrase during the 2000 election.

Now if money is all you need to be on the top of the ballot in Florida maybe I should invest my $7738 before June 1, 2014 into a few powerball tickets.

Looking at the R in Mr. Rankin's sign makes be believe Democrats will see the connection? But it could be me the sore loser...no I do this just for Fun....

It would be easier to hit the lottery than beat Honorable Jeff Atwater....

Oh, my in a Few Hours I will have to either switch to the Gubernatorial Race (should Charlie Crist shock the world with his November 4th announcement to run) or stay on the blogging sideline until June 1, 2014.

I will be a candidate but it will be 100 percent of my $7738 or $7838 and I really don't care if YOU vote the other Honorable Candidates...this is a campaign to make Honorable Governor Scott or Charlie Crist to eliminate the practice of only putting Republicans at the top of all ballots when the Governor is a Republican....Unfair and unconstitutional..."guarantee equal civil and political rights for all"

Please we need better candidates keep working on it Florida....getting better each try.

Richard Paul Dembinsky

If YOU are totally without sleep tonight go read my Reasons at the bottom of my 2006 website when I ran for Governor

They should be better than counting sheep or waiting for Charlie Crist.



Uncensored Social Currency by A.O.K.

NO post by Richard Paul Dembinsky is intended to scare anyone to go back to Ohio or New York. This is to Enjoy Florida's Elections. It is cheaper than purchasing cable TV or the daily newspaper.

Entertainment....who else wants to join the fun by investing $7738 into the CFO race or $7838 to run for Governor? YOUR own money only.

I am currently still in Tecumseh Michigan enjoying the fall color and the very cold temperatures; I hope we get more democratic candidates or I will not even waste the gasoline to vote for myself.

Hell, My very independent wife will vote as an independent for Charlie Crist so the only way I can be sure Charlie Crist does not get to be Governor again is to "challenge" him in the Democratic Primary.

I am still visiting charliecrist.com and begging him to run as NPA and allow a Real democrat to challenge Honorable Governor Rick Scott. I just don't want to see negative advertisements about Charlie Crist and I am not interested in promoting any incumbents ..yet...if the democrats don't find better candidates for House, Senate CFO and Governor...well I guess the government we have suffered with for the past 4 years will remain in place for another 4.

Really what harm would come from Rick Scott finally learning how to be Governor?

Oh, since I am on a roll; those democrats blindly support President Obama and his joke of a health care website are really not very up right. I wasted my to last votes on President Obama, I hereby apologize for not staying home from the polls...but see the democrats were knocking on my door.

So here we go again Florida ...YOU may like I take a long summer vacation in Michigan during 2014. The pending candidates for CFO and Governor (except Elizabeth and Mr. Anderson) are all making my HOPE for the next 4 years no better than staying with Honorable Jeff Atwater or Honorable Rick Scott.

If only the Republicans would pass one election law reform to make at least this one democrat happy; I would stop filling blogs with these late night and early morning stress relieving words.

Now finally, while I am still awake: should I and my 90 year old mother not get our social security deposits on time in February 2014; I will have to drive to Washington and Sleep on my son's couch between protests in Front of Bill Nelson's office.

Bill Nelson was the one that kept saying our social security is safe in the "lock box" ....trouble is Obama is the only one with the key.

WE need better Republicans and a few Good Democrats to finally replace the Federal and State Governments ...Please find better candidates whether Liberal or Conservative or Just Right for America...we cannot jointly make it to 2016....we are seeing a meltdown (while the stock market is at record highs)...yet jobs in Florida are less than last year.

Enjoy Florida's Elections


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