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Marco "money honey" Rubio: $2m raised


Hit tip to The Run 2016 for dubbing Florida Sen. Marco Rubio the "money honey" for the cash he pulled in during the third quarter of fundraising. Total take: more than $2 million (joint fundraising committee, $1.8m $100k from his campaign, plus far more from his PAC, which won't report until year's end). Still the $1.8m from his joint-fundraising account is more than the other possible 2016 federal GOP rivals eying a 2016 bid.

"Suffice it to say we raised over $2million this quarter total and filed the Senate Campaign account with over $2.2 million on hand. The PAC has over $1 million on hand," an adviser said.

The joint fundraising committee doesn't have a lot of cash in it because it's an account designed to channel money into the other two.

The Run's list:

  1. Rubio: $1.8 million raised
  2. Paul Ryan: $1.17 million raised, $2.6 million left on hand
  3. Rand Paul: $1 million raised, $1.25 million left on hand
  4. Ted Cruz: $800,000 raised, $378,697 left on hand
  5. Pete King: $234,424 raised, $2.67 million left on hand

Note: Headline changed and blog updated with numbers from Rubio advisers


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Now can Rubio give back all the American Express money him and Jim Greer shared?


And these big money-raisers are the exact same morons who are screwing up Washington and the economy so badly. People are voting for them, giving money to them- and then scratching their heads when they wonder why Washington is mired on moronism. WTF, people- where's your brains??? You vote for proven scum- you get the appropriate results! These are not "doer's"- they are borderline treasonists.

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