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Marco Rubio: I voted against debt-ceiling hike to protect 'American dream.'


U.S. Senate Republicans helped block a measure Saturday that would have allowed the nation to increase its borrowing limit, saying the debt-ceiling lift needs to be accompanied by spending reforms.

Though the Senate is controlled by Democrats, there aren't enough of them to muster the 60 votes needed to proceed under the chamber's rules and no Republicans joined them in the 53-45 vote to lift the debt ceiling.

"The American dream will be increasingly out of reach for millions of Americans as long as Washington keeps spending more money than it has," Florida's Republican senator, Marco Rubio said.

"I opposed Senate Democrats' latest attempt to raise the debt limit by $1.1 trillion because it fails to address our real debt crisis, reform spending, encourage economic growth, and do the necessary things to protect the American dream,"  Rubio said. "The American dream is still worth fighting for, and it's time Washington stops getting in the way of people trying to achieve it."

But Democrats say the position of Rubio and his fellow Republicans is irresponsible and dangerous.

If the borrowing limit isn't increased Oct. 17, they say, the nation could eventually default on its debt or the economy would be hamstrung because the government would have to make deep cuts to existing programs to pay its bills -- if that's even possible.

And there's an irony, Democrats say: Republicans have helped shutdown part of the federal government over Obamacare in part, they say, because it's bad for the economy and causes uncertainty. The shutdown and debt-ceiling woes threaten to cause greater financial unrest.

 “What a sad day for America,” Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said. “They’re voting to not allow us to even debate whether the debt ceiling should be raised. Are they afraid of that? Do they just want this to go away?"

Republicans don't just want big reforms, they also want small changes to Obamacare -- for instance, including a provision that would require income-verification for recipients before they receive tax subsidies to purchase insurance on the individual market.

Democrats say that's a "poison pill" because the current system doesn't allow for the verification. Also, the federal Obamacare sign-in website has been a technical and public-relations disaster because it has worked for so few people due to apparent computer-code error and inadequate capacity to handle the crush of people signing in since Oct. 1.

But the GOP-precipitated shutdown has drowned out the Obamacare website troubles in media coverage and at least one survey indicates the Affordable Care Act has become more popular in the eyes of Americans who increasingly view the Republican Party in an unfavorable light.

Most polls indicate the GOP is blamed, to a much greater degree than Democrats or President Obama, for the current woes in Washington.

Rubio was an architect of the defund Obamacare push, a point he made publicly in July. He also said then that he wouldn't vote for a debt-ceiling increase without a plan to balance the budget.

Reid, however, bears a share of procedural blame for the predicament in the Senate, along with a few other Democrats. They refused to change Senate filibuster rules, which allow the minority party to more easily block votes like the debt-ceiling measure.

Reid has signaled he might change the rules by invoking the so-called "nuclear option" to do away with the 60-vote limitation in some instances.

But even if the Senate approved the bill, the Republican-controlled House has indicated that the fate of a so-called "clean" debt-ceiling vote is uncertain.


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I cannot believe this man is a US Senator. He's on par with Florida's Governor. It's absurd.

Robert Jenkins

He is being squeezed by the Tea Party. Much like Scott is. Only in Floriduh could two such politicians flourish. Any national ambitions by either of these two is a fools bet. Yet "we" here in Floriduh; seem to think that they are model citizens.

Enough Sen Rubio

This is embarassing, defaulting on our debt will have a far reaching negative impact on our economy and the worlds. STOP catering to the tea party and do what is right for America, some times you have to stop playing politics and do what is for this countries best, not what you think is politically expidient. Sen Rubio I have lost all respect for you, we owe this debt and we can't default on it.


Cruz and Rubio are doing exactly what this country needs. Standing their ground.... after 5 years AND NO BUDGET by the politicians in DC.... this is not their fault.... it took 5 years plus 50 to get this country to the edge of extinction.... Rubio and Cruz are only highlighting the need not to go over the edge.....


Hello recession, just in time for Christmas. If you're still voting for the Tea Party please see a proctologist. Stat. They don't care about you or America. They're pathological as well as predatory, and will all end up anchoring Fox News in the near future. Sound familiar?


Good for him! Now, we need responsible government and responsible citizens!

Ware Cornell

The man is a total idiot.


Marco, you are a traitor to this country.

José Lawrence-Duarte

Is this guy serious? He's the one who created all this tea party mess along with Rick Scott.

Marco Rubio and Rick Scott are destroying America.

Ed Jenkins

It is good that we have immigrants that have suffered in socialist and oppressive countries like this rising star senator. They can remind those that have become complacent and are willing to let socialist policies creep into our government of the end result of those policies.

J. Miller

Better this 'crisis' now & slowing down an excessive government, rather than keep selling it to China who will want their pound of flesh later - that will be a real crisis. Our children will pay for our failure to control our debt, spending, and giving away freedoms for the progressive promise a "better" XXX (you choose) that no government can ever provide. We need to support elected folks willing to take up responsible & sustainable approaches to entitlements, defense, and debt. Seems like Rubio will, so far.

Manny S.

There are a few things that debt-fanatical people must realize:

1. The government, especially one that holds the world's reserve currency, is not like your home business, whether you sell meth or tires. Get that straight, go read a book on monetary policy. This tired comparison of comparing government debt to homeowner debt is incorrect.
2. Borrowing is what governments and corporations do. Governments, by the way, also print money, which increases liquidity. We are not on the gold standard and have not been since 1971. Again, go and read something if you choose to deny this. You can even find information on the Internet on this, especially from sites such as Wikipedia, as opposed to some fanatical echo chamber site that argues that you should be sleeping on gold.
3. The debt ceiling is raised to pay for charges already incurred. To fail to do so creates a self-inflicted wound, especially considering that by not doing so, you go into default. Then of course you can prioritize payments. But to deny this is to be a buffoon - so if you do so, please go read your manifesto rubbish in some echo chamber.
4. Debt and deficits should be deliberated during legislative sessions in a rational manner. If you don't like how that is managed, vote for someone who will support your policies. If a lot of citizens agree with you, then you and your ilk will have like minded politicians who will represent - oh what should I call it? - ah yes, a majority. Then, that majority can decide to not start trillion dollar wars, expand medicare benefits without paying for them, and hand out tax cuts, all increasing that debt. See how it works?
5. If you are in the minority, promising to push the country into default because you don't like something is called hostage taking. I prefer to call it terrorism. You are no better than a terrorist, who is calling for my rates to increase, my hard work to be diminished, and my future to be jeopardized because you are not "winning". You want to win? Stop whining and go and win an election for a change.
6. This childish behavior of closing down the government is costing us $160 million/day. That is very fiscally conservative, isn't it? Bravo to Mr. Rubio, bravo to the rest of you who have written to support him. It's too bad that whatever you believe actually has another side to it, which is called the truth. I encourage you, beseech you, to look it up. It's not that hard. But then again, you won't since you are convinced that all that you don't like is socialism, that you are not really a rump minority, and that you have cost your party 18% in the polls.

When they can no longer eat you, they will eat themselves. Enjoy your Hobbesian future, I prefer mine with Kant. Look that one up too, if you can.


The American Dream Rubio is talking about equals half a paycheck today since I am a furloughed worker. That American Dream means no paycheck at all in two weeks. And that American Dream, per financial advisers, equates to a potential 20% loss in retirement savings. The correct term for what Rubio is describing is an American Nightmare that he is gleefully imposing on his constituents. His Tea Party apologists think he is standing his ground but they too will wake up soon.

Janet V

I am with you Manny! We in Flora know the truth about this idiot. He MUST NOT BE ELECTED AGAIN. I don'tknow who voted for him. Even Cubans say they didn't but it is time for the country to know the REAL story about his unethical behavior & TED his buddy (really Rafael Cruz...is he an agent for Fidel...) be completely exposed!


I agree with Manny, Janet, Jag, etc... Who the HECK voted for him??? Who "sponsored" him??? We need a grassroots coalition to put him out of office...

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