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Marco Rubio now favors piecemeal rather than comprehensive approach to immigration reform


Sen. Marco Rubio, who helped write the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform bill, has shifted back to his original position that piecemeal legislation is the way forward.

“We’ve been lectured for the better part of a month now how we need to be realistic, that Barack Obama was not going to repeal Obamacare,” Rubio said in an interview with the Tampa Bay Times. “Likewise, I think supporters of immigration reform need to be realistic. The House is just not going to jump on board whatever the Senate passes.”

That’s been evident for months. But in recent interviews Rubio has sounded more distant from the Senate legislation. On CNN on Friday, a casual viewer could have assumed he had nothing to do with it – the Florida Republican referring to what the “whatever the Democrats in the Senate are demanding.”

Rubio even opposes using the Senate bill as a negotiating point in a conference if the House can manage to pass a limited bill.

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Can't take anymore

Senator Jello (R-South Florida Tea Party) switches his position yet again. The guy has no principles, no values (except for self preservation) and seems easily frightened. Let's all do him a favor and bring him home in 2016. He's shown he just can't play with the Big Boys in politics.

joe blow

Little Marco is such a twit? He's a bigger flip flopper than John Kerry.
Is he still getting back waxes from Charlie Crist?

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