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Miami Beach 'Boob God' won't hold Halloween fete


The Real Housewives of Miami cast member Lisa Hochstein and her plastic-surgeon hubby, Leonard “The Boob God,” won’t be hosting their annual Halloween fundraiser, which benefits organizations like the Humane Society or the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Blame the Miami Herald.

Leonard Hochstein called a Herald reporter to ask whether she’d agree to not write about the event, which he said would be held at the Star Island home they recently purchased. The home has been at the center of an ongoing controversy because the Hochsteins want to tear it down, but preservationists are fighting to save it.

Hochstein said his lawyer advised him against throwing the fundraiser because it could generate bad press. To justify demolishing the house, the Hochsteins have said it is unsafe, a claim that might be undermined by using the place for a party as they did earlier this year.

When the Herald refused to agree to stifle any coverage of the event, Leonard Hochstein said he would call the director of Make-A-Wish to say the event was off because of the newspaper.

No word on why the Hochsteins can’t throw the bash at their Sunset Island manse, where they actually live. That property is assessed at $6 million, according to county records.



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Lenny Hochstein

How would having a stricly outdoor party undermine the fact that the house is an unsafe structure? We care too much about the community and a great organization like Make-A-Wish to be bullied into not having our charity event. Perhaps you should think more about the community and how you could give back rather than writing a weak, at best, story.


This guy is so full of himself! Calling a reporter to stop press coverage about a charity event? Yuck! I guess big ego goes hand in hand with these demolitionists

Jonah Moriarty

So Lenny Hochstein actually called the press requesting non-coverage because it would look bad? Too funny.

If Hochstein cares so very much for the charity, exactly what is preventing him from renting out another venue? What a cry-baby. The big bad media is beating-up on me. Those bullies.

Suck it up Hochstein, go raise that money for the kids- rent-out a venue. Duh!

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