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National Republicans have bullseye on Rep. Joe Garcia and Rep. Patrick Murphy

Rep. Joe Garcia, who angered Republicans with his "Taliban" comment earlier this week, is one of 10 Republicans seen as vulnerable in 2014. The other lawmaker, Rep. Patrick Murphy, is just up the road, reports Washington-based The Hill.

"National Republicans are hitting back at 10 of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents with radio ads characterizing them as proponents of shutting down the government"

Read more: http://thehill.com/blogs/ballot-box/house-races/326035-nrcc-hits-10-vulnerable-dems-with-radio-ads-on-shutdown#ixzz2gf8OUo9y 


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Carlos Curbelo Wants Government Shutdown

Carlos Curbelo is just another Republican that wants to take away your healthcare.

He wants the government to shutdown and destroy it so that you don't get your benefits.

If you vote for Carlos Curbelo, you will probably get sick and die without health insurance.

Carlos Martin

Joe Garcia and the other 9 are Democrats not Republicans.

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