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NRCC makes "get out of jail" b-day card for Rep. Joe Garcia, hits him in new ad


Garcia-jail-cardNow that his former chief of staff and top adviser pleaded guilty Monday in an elections scandal, Joe Garcia won't be able to escape the political fallout from Republicans as he runs for reelection in his Miami-to-Key West seat.

Even on his birthday.

Last night, the National Republican Congressional Committee staked out a birthday fundraiser for the Democrat and tried to hand him a mock Monopoly-style "Get Out of Jail Free" card that said "this card may be used for this scandal or your next unethical endeavor."

Garcia didn't take the card. And he denies any wrongdoing.

But Republicans are pressing ahead, noting his campaign recently paid his former adviser, Jeffrey Garcia, $25,000 for invoices just before he pleaded guilty to unlawfully requesting the absentee ballots of unsuspecting voters. No ballots were fraudulently cast. The GOP calls the payment "hush money;" the Garcia campaign said it had to pay up.

The NRCC also announced it was paying for radio ads that bashed the congressman for backing Obamacare and what Republicans call a "special subsidy" for members of congress. The claim is anywhere from false to questionable. Check PolitiFact for the background here.

Here's the text of the ad:

VOICEOVER 1:  This is so frustrating.  I'm trying to sign up for the new government healthcare program and it just won't work.
VOICEOVER 2:  A lot of folks are having trouble with that.
VOICEOVER 1:  They spent 500 million of our tax dollars to build it, and it won't work.
VOICEOVER 2:  And if you're facing all these issues just signing up, imagine how difficult it could be to get medical care. Finding a doctor's appointment will be a nightmare. And have you looked into how much your insurance premiums will rise?
VOICEOVER 1: I haven't. Maybe I'll call my Congressman, Joe Garcia and ask for help.
VOICEOVER 2: He's part of the problem! Garcia voted to keep special subsidies for Members of Congress.
VOICEOVER 1: Joe Garcia did?
VOICEOVER 2: Yep, Joe Garcia is using our tax dollars to fund his healthcare benefits.
VOICEOVER 1:  That's not right.
VOICEOVER 2: Typical Washington.  Garcia protects his healthcare while our costs go up.
VOICEOVER 1:  Maybe you should call him too.
VOICEOVER 2: Oh, I will. We all should. Call Joe Garcia at 305-222-0160. Tell him we're sick of paying for his taxpayer-funded healthcare.
VOICEOVER 3: The National Republican Congressional Committee paid for and is responsible for the content of this advertising. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee. www-dot-NRCC-dot-org