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On far-right promises, Rick Scott tacks to the center

From @katielsanders and @politifactfl:

Politically unknown in 2010, millionaire businessman Rick Scott needed an opening against the GOP establishment’s first choice for governor. He found one in Attorney General Bill McCollum’s waffling on a controversial Arizona immigration law popular among conservatives.

The law made "common sense" to Scott, who poured part of his fortune into a television campaign promising to bring it to Florida.

Scott didn’t stop there, rounding out his jobs-centered message with pledges to ban embryonic stem cell research and "safely" expand offshore drilling. Where McCollum veered middle, Scott pulled right.

Flash forward. As Scott prepares for his second run for governor, pointed talk about immigration, oil drilling and other controversial conservative issues is gone — replaced by promises of more public education funding, tax cuts for businesses and families, and back-slapping over the likelihood of record tax collections. Read more from PolitiFact.



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If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth, right? the Democrats' great accomplishment is producing the political equivalent of a Rodney King video, clearly demonstrating the lies of the right, the right Hilary Clinton correctly identified as a vast conspiracy. Confirm by examining Central District of California Cases, 01-4340, 03-9097, 08-5515, 10-5193, US Tax Court 12000-07L --though I think you want to view my US Tax Court Appeal to the 9th Circuit for a good account of their day to day assaults, a few month time slice indicative of a decade of assault, and, when it's completed, 9th Circuit 11-56043.
Typically operating through puppets--including puppets in the judiciary--the right wing has for decades been committing crimes and trying to classify them to cover them up, a move explicitly forbidden by the Code of Federal Regulations. They've killed several of my pets and routinely shoot energy weaponry at me and my pets, despite my calls to the police, the FBI, Congress, and despite my petitions in court.

Jeff D.

To the center? Are you kidding me? This man has made 180 degree turn to the left and when you profess to be a conservative and do that you will not win.

Those of us who worked so hard for Scott will sit this one out.


Yeah, I'm not in it for Scott this time. He's let me down. I like a guy like Crist a lot more especially since he has such a good attitude. He makes me feel happy.

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