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Outlier or trend-start? UNF poll shows Rick Scott w/in 4 of Charlie Crist


Polls have pretty consistently shown Gov. Rick Scott trailing Gov. Charlie Crist by about double digits. Liberal-leaning Public Policy Polling showed Crist up by 12 percentage points recently and a Republican source shared poll results with us indicating Crist was up by 10 (46-36%).

Now comes the University of North Florida showing Crist leading Scott by just 4 points, 44-40. And, despite nearly every other poll, UNF also finds more voters approve of Scott than disapprove.

Maybe it's right. Maybe it's an outlier.

Last year's UNF presidential polls appeared more accurate in hindsight than ours (we showed Romney beating Obama; he lost in FL). But since folks often point out PPP's liberal leanings, turnabout is fair play.

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William J.

How often have we seen this happen. A poll comes out and shows Scott in the tank and three weeks later a is out showing him as Superman. Amazingly the minions keep playing along.

Can't take anymore

Scott is campaigning as hard as he can while his accomplices sling mud as hard as they can at Charlie. With no real competition in the Democratic Party it is time for Charlie to begin his charge for the office if he thinks he can endure the negative campaign the Scott Gang will undoubted rain down on him. Let's see the poll results once Charlie gets his campaign in gear.

Herb Levin

Just wait. People aren't even thinking about the campaign yet. Crist in a landside.

Robyn Luongo

I Hope Crist Wins!! I don't think me or my family can survive more Prick Snott!

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