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Pam Bondi challenges proposed medical marijuana amendment

Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi is contesting a proposed ballot initiative for a medical marijuana constitutional amendment and has asked the Florida Supreme Court for an opinion.

Bondi contends the proposal from People United for Medical Marijuana, a group led by high-profile attorney John Morgan, is misleading the public and is presented in a way that does not convey its “true meaning and ramifications.”

Bondi is required by law to send a ballot initiative to the state Supreme Court for review within 30 days after it’s submitted to her office.

The proposal, she wrote in a letter filed today to the court, implies that the amendment would allow medical marijuana in narrow, defined circumstances and only for patients for “debilitating diseases. But Bondi says that if the amendment passes, “Florida law would allow marijuana in limitless situations.”

She also writes that the amendment would call for the legal use of medical marijuana even though federal law still prohibits it.

Morgan argues that if the state legalized medical marijuana, the governor and legislature would still oversee licensing and regulations.

He said the proposal, being circulated in a statewide petition drive, includes language the public wants.

“They don’t want California,” said Morgan, whose face appears in ubiquitous advertising for his law firm, Morgan & Morgan. “They want medical doctors (to prescribe medical marijuana) and they want alternatives to pill mills” and painkillers that cause thousands of deaths, he said.

The proposal, being circulated in a statewide petition drive, includes several medical conditions under the term “debilitating medical conditions,” including cancer, glaucoma and Parkinson’s as well as “other conditions” when a physician believes “that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.”

Morgan said the proposal was drafted by Jon Mills, former dean of the University of Florida law school, a specialist in state constitutional law.

“The Republican party in the state of Florida is petrified about this amendment because they know that 77 percent of Florida wants it,” Morgan said. In early October, the Public Policy Polling found that 62 percent of voters supported the legalization of medical marijuana for seriously patients in Florida. Support "gets stronger every day," he said.

People United for Medical Marijuana has collected 200,000 signatures supporing the amendment. The campaign will need 700,000 signatures, but more realistically 1 million in case any signatures are invalid, Morgan said.



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Ben James Yokel

I am a 57 year old, husband, father, electronics engineer, musician, ASA certified sailboat skipper, successful business owner, community volunteer, homeowner and long term (40 years) recreational marijuana user. Arrest me, I’m quite a dangerous fellow! There millions more out there just like me. Critical mass has been reached! According to the CDC web site no one has ever died from cannabis intoxication in all medical history. How long do we have to suffer the lies and harmful costly laws from a government whose own studies have shown cannabis all but harmless by comparison to prescription drugs, tobacco and booze. LEGALIZE IT ALREADY!!! Vacation in Uruguay!

Norman Gooding

Apparently the AG has received an overdose of lobby money and has not seen the special report on CNN by Dr Gupta because if she had she would not be calling for the initiative to be thrown out,,nobody that has seen that report can deny the medical efficacy of cannabis and to do so is inhumane.


Amazing how a common herb can cause so many problems for the Social engineers.
The citizens of Florida need to decide if their elderly and sick should have access to a non toxic alternative to the big pharma medicines that fill their medicine cabinets. Seems like a know brainer to me.

Kathy D

The smartest thing this state could possibly do is pass legislation for medical use of cannabis in the next legislative session. The Bill introduced last year was the best compared to other states except it needed to allow more plants per patient for those who juice it fresh and raw (no high just pure healthy medicine), eat if fresh and cook with it. Cancer patients needing the oil would need more plants also.

Science has since discovered the endocannabinoid system. As Raphael Mechoulem, the man who originally discovered THC in 1964 and has been studying cannabis ever since, whose team discovered the endocannabinoid system in 1987, states, "There is barely a biological or physiological system in our bodies in which the endocannabinoids do not participate".

The ECS (endocannabinoid system) is a modulator of physiological functions not only in the central nervous system but also in the autonomic nervous system, the endocrine network, the immune system, the gastrointestinal tract, the reproductive system, in microcirculation, and most important the cytokine network, which is the source of inflammation, the cause of nearly if not all disease.

By continuing to keep cannabis illegal the government is denying citizens an essential nutrient for health, causing health problems for many people. While we are a capitalist society, to create diseases for an industry to feed on by maintaining an illegal status of a plant that science has proven repeatedly to be a necessity for homeostasis is unacceptable by any government and no different from feeding the Christians to the lions. It is a genocide.

Cannabis is such an awesome antibiotic it can kill methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and disrupt the progression of prion diseases such as Mad Cow and Creutzfeld-Jakob disease. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, currently there is "No FDA-approved treatment for a prion disease.”

Thousands of deaths each year in the U.S. are caused by MRSA. A recent study shows hemp fabric stops the spread of Staph and MRSA. In light of that, with the Staph and MRSA epidemic in most U.S. Hospitals wouldn't it be wise to use hemp fabric for all hospital bedding, towels, clothing and curtains?

Alan Bernstein

This blatant attempt at denying Florida's citizens the right to decide whether or not they want access to medical marijuana is not so much about the substance itself. Rather, it is based on a fear that if this initiative is on the ballot, it will cause a huge turnout of young, progressive voters who normally sit out mid-term elections.


This article has received 10x more comments than any other on this page. :)

Bimbo alert!

So, she has deemed herself the moral police on this issue, yet she steals dogs from orphans, has been divorced who knows how many times and selfishly puts her political fundraising ahead of justice being served. She needs to get the boot!

Tally Folly

As if Pam Bondi hasn't already proved she is the most dangerous and disastrous AG Florida has had in years, here she goes again wasting taxpayers money and overreaching with her conservative values.

chuck edelstein

Retire the lady to the private sector where she can do less harm. A joint just might calm her down


People have had enough of their natural law right hijacked..




D.C. poised for a giant leap toward legalizing small amounts of marijuana

By Aaron C. Davis, Published: October 24 2013

D.C. lawmakers took more than 15 years to allow cancer patients to use marijuana for their pain. But over just a few months, city leaders have coalesced around a plan to decriminalize small joints, blunts or bowls full of marijuana in the nation’s capital.

Ten of 13 council members have signed on to a bill to make possession of less than an ounce of marijuana punishable by a fine of no more than $100. On Wednesday, Mayor Vincent C. Gray (D) said for the first time that he supports the idea. And on Thursday, the author of the bill and the office of the attorney general said they could agree to an even smaller, token fine of $25.

Angelica Z

I'm so sorry I voted for Pam Bondi with her narrow minded views. I was a cancer patient and could not have coped with the nausea and pain of chemotherapy without the help of marijuana. I am not addicted to it, it does not cause addiction and does not make you want to try other drugs. What century is she living in. People are suffering needlessly when a God given natural plant that grows in the earth can help someone feel better that cannot function otherwise. I guess its better to put all the unnatural chemicals in your body from the big pharmaceutical companies that thrive on your people's sicknesses. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Ed Jenkins

This type of action shows why Pam is the most popular politician in the state as she is preventing the horrible damage that drug dealers hope to unleash on our state. Floridians have worked hard to reduce the plague of tobacco smoking and the last thing they want to see is a bunch of drug dealers hooking our citizens on an even more dangerous narcotic. Way to go Pam!

jim heffner

A.G. Bondi is just another public servant who believes she is better qualified to know what is good for her constituents than we ourselves are. Just like King Canute tried to hold back the tide they are trying to keep us from entering the 21st Century by holding back time. The irony of it all is that they are helping to create a better informed and more skeptical population. Every lie, evasion and overt abuse of our rights adds more clout to those don't want 'Nanny Government'.

Jay K

The AG needs to let it get on the ballot and let us decide like big boys and girls what we want to allow in our state. She can cast her one vote against if she so chooses. She shouldn't get to use hers to prevent ours.

Charlie Naegle

Interesting that a million petition signatures would realistically be needed, and that 62% of the polled population seems to support the idea. Wonder if they'll get the signatures needed...

Michael F

I'm a 46 yr old white male diagnosted with two hernated dics in my neck & two hernated dics in my low back. Corrently awaiting my dissablity from the governmernt.I've been prescribed two different opiod pain pills from a repotable pain Dr. here in orlando. After 6 months I have not been releaved from my pain as of yet! But I can tell you one thing, I'm now addicted to a medication that doesn't releave my pain. Please Ms. Bondi reconcider, this is not how I wish to live out the rest of my life!


I just wonder what Morgan and Morgan stands to gain with this passing..we know they certainly are not "For the People" so they must have some motivation to push this issue.

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